Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Scotch please!

 Paddling here in Newfoundland I tend to forget or dismiss the ponds and lakes; due to the amazing North Atlantic coastline. However being too short on daylight to get anywhere new; I headed to Scotch pond just up the road from my new home.

Within seconds of paddling I was in pristine wilderness. The series of ponds and rivers extend far back into the bush here; and I believe are truly unappreciated here. Elsewhere in the world this would be a national park; a true treasure. Yet we see it so often we rarely think about it twice; and I'm as guilty as the next guy.

The sun was near set by the time I made it to the small river at the back rippling out of Cross pond.  Letting the current push me around I drank a cup of coffee. I couldn't help but wonder when this place would be turned into the next Camping RV site; or surrounded by houses. Being within a commute to the city we are seeing more and more development; and not being a fan of change....I don't like it at all. Maybe if people seen these places as the rarity they are in this word today; maybe we would all be a little over protective of out lands.

Surrounded by the ocean these water trails have missed my exploration and admiration. Everything from mountain tarns to river valleys, marsh lagoons to roaring streams. Right here in the backyard; and rarely (if ever) paddled.

As I sat in a peaceful bay with not a sign of civilization to be seen a couple thoughts came to mind...I have to build a canoe this winter. Just to add to my daily options a canoe seems like a great idea. After some leg surgery I hope to be able to portage again....And I reckon I could stay back here for quite some time exploring!

Back home to look for some free station molds for a canoe and pour over my maps. Back to sea kayaking for now...but next year this back country has me excited!


  1. Baffin I don't remember paddling in that location, however I did paddle towards morrisburg etc.I'll drop you an email! Glad you enjoyed.