Monday, October 15, 2012

The good news

After my wife/son locked our car keys inside.....Which happened to be the last set of course. I quickly found built in anti theft features that made my wedge and clothes hanger old school car jacking skill obsolete. If I was made of any flammable material I would have erupted. I proceeded to put my hammer through the window. One of the center beams slipped off it's temporary support after my lad's and neighborhood kid's used my new boat shed as a trampoline. Nothing a jack can't fix...but adding to the frustration none the less.

My septic system decided to give out. And as autumn winds have been howling overhead....note the siding sitting beside the house.

Needless to say these past few days have been "trying". The only redeeming thing was looking out at white capped spray and knowing I wouldn't be kayaking the past few days anyway. I managed to take some daylight time and jumped on my mountain bike riding behind my house to Wisemans cove.

Regardless of the problems around the really can't beat a few seconds of sunrise and sunset. 
Not to mention the stillness and solitude of this place. 

Siding all fixed today, Car window to be fixed tomorrow, and sewer now working again;but being replaced Wednesday.

The good news? Winds are dying out and the paddling is looking mighty fine!


  1. even the bad times are good, all you have to do is stop and look around, which you obviously do.

    1. It's difficult to let anything get you down here honestly! As near to heaven as by sea Sir Humphrey Gilbert said; I tend to agree!