Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rolling Shamook

The caplin rolling pretty well marks the beginning of summer; usually accompanied by foggy cool weather. My original thoughts of crossing to Little Bell Island were dropped after floating outside of long pond for a few minutes sizing up the weather. While only a light 20km/hr breeze blowing at my back and no forecasted change I had one of those instinct feelings of not crossing. Coupled with a towering front off to the west I decided to "stop drop" on the crossing. These fronts on occasion kick up a squall; and although not forecasted I didn't want to chance.

Instead I decided to stick close to the shoreline and head towards Topsail. Gulls lining the shoreline had me excited that I may run into some body of caplin moving into spawn. I had a few bags brought with me to bring home to salt and dry just incase.

As I reached Topsail the wind has still not stirred as the incoming front passed overhead without incident. A little disappointed I hadn't made the short 5km crossing; however feeling quite content to bob around the calm waters next to the shore. 

With 8 km on the gps and a short paddle ahead I pulled into a small sandy cove out of sight from the fairly developed coastline. Kelly Island which I explored a few days back silhouetted in the background .

Little Bell island sitting offshore will be enjoyed another day.

I took a few minutes with coffee steaming in hand to explore the beach. No caplin to be found I spent my time checking out shells that my son may find interesting. One shell enveloped by coral caught my eye. These things fill my car, my pockets, and special ones end up on display in my den. Fossils, artifacts, and near every description of rock lay neatly across white shelves. I find myself too curious for my own darn good sometimes; there almost seems a shame we only get one kick at this life with so much to learn around us. 

Pulling back into long pond I spotted a small fisheries boat named Shamook. To me it had a Salish ring to the word; however I would have to look it up once I got home.

I later learned ironically enough that Shamook was infact the beothuk word for the caplin....Just not the Shamook I was seeking!


  1. I remember well the caplin when we lived in Pool's Cove, in Fortune Bay, for four months back in '74. Out from Toronto, on the "mainland", it was such a marvellous and refreshing adventure for four months. Wonderfully warm people, no locks on the doors, "lunch" at 2200 hrs - bake apple jam and heavy cream. So good! One day, we'll get back - with kayaks. Greetings and best wishes Lee, from the land of the Coast Salish people. Duncan.

  2. I can imagine it was! the paddle from Pool's Cove to Bay l'argent is on my to-do list. Lunch at 22h00 has landed my butt on a diet for the past few weeks! I was also accosted by a elderly gentleman a few houses down for "knocking foolishness" a few days back!!

    As soon as I defeat this stomach bug I'm getting some caplin!!

    Cheer's Duncan!