Monday, April 9, 2012


I've spent much of my life travelling the world. "Peacekeeping", war fighting, Europe, SW Asia, below the equator and above 60deg North. I've been broke in a pon shop selling my bass amp and I've been unbelievably rich with a suitcase full of Tolar in Slovenia. As life blasted past I was wishing for one thing only; to go home.

Home has meant many things to me over the years. A 5 star hotel, a hole in the desert getting ate alive by bugs as tracer rounds flew over head. And everywhere in between. A restless feeling to get moving somewhere; to the desire to just see my family.  

It`s a different feeling coming home after all these years. Finding things in common with people is by far the most difficult thing. I find comfort in the solo aspect of life as it`s always been the one certain thing I guess. The one thing I knew would always need to perform and hold up until I could could finish my goal of going home. A recent DNA test was a bit of a surprise and has proven some of my family never made it home. J2 M172 is a very strange and rare YDNA for a English family to have. The best answer I have found was Syrian archers or others brought in from the middle east passed their genetic line onto my ancestors during the roman occupation of England. J2 M172 being most concentrated in Syria, Georgia and the Caucasus. 

Now we set forward rebuilding our life's here. From a Syrian archer brought to fight to a middle eastern DNA strain over looking Hopeall falls today. 

Home is where you make it.

Back around the bay to get in some well deserved paddling. 


  1. Lee, well great pics as usuall ....great to see you are getting settled at home and are finding a place of calm, morgage free too! how go the renos to your new abode.

    life here is great just very busy, working on two large works and family and work ect(lol)
    just had a show with a bunch of local artists it was great and work on a new one for may.
    and we have been asked to supply works for july and aug.

    best to you and the family norman k.

    1. Thanks Norm I'm glad to hear a artist like yourself finally getting some steady projects.WELL DONE!
      They mortage free thing is falling under my belief on a very simple life. You can blame Duncan below for the introduction to walden pond; the most influnential book of my life it would turn out.
      I am busy...however living off work with my left hand during summer will be rewarding.

  2. Interesting post, Lee. I often wonder about where "home" is. Born across the Atlantic, we've lived in a lot of places, from Pool's Cove, Nfld to here on Vancouver Island as well as CF postings, including Germany. Deployed with the troops in the field - countless "homes", pretty primitive and short term, even one north of 60, up in Inuvik. (There's no life like it, eh?). At the end of the proverbial "day", home seems to be where you're happy to return to - usually where the family is waiting. Some of us live "nomadic" lives - for me (us), that works. As for where the DNA originates - probably stardust. :) Duncan.

    1. The DNA sure was a surprise. Didn't fit the english surname we had pictured. Looking at peoples differences it's most likely true were all from that first organisim anyway. I truly have been looking for home and as you said been nomaidic like yourself. I believe we both have that morale thingy that puts service before self; albeit its been a long time since putting self a little higher up the list...and its nice to recharge.

      And once I find my place and myself again it'll be time to aide others again.

      Before becoming wormfood!

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    1. Thanks Mac... So nice to wake up here and see all the pictures that need taking! Two male eagles took a tumble into a neighbours roof fighting today over a beautiful young mate.....sorry I didn't capture it but it was funny to see these boneheads in my backyard!

  4. What a wonderful post Lee. Very thought provoking. I think I've told you in the past about coming here with my military husband and suddenly feeling that THIS was home.
    Our family has recently done a yDNA study through Ancestry. No surprises for us though, LOL. British and Scandinavian all the way. My cousin says the Scandinavian got in there when the Vikings came into the Isles to rape and pillage. No kidding eh!

  5. Thanks Karen! I'm very glad it invoked some thoughts!

    Home sure is a different thing to figure out. However a universal "feeling" i believe none the less.

    War spread quite the DNA trail for certain. I'm currently getting my MTDNA done as well and am wondering what surprises lay there. I was blown away with the ydna results.

  6. Hi. I'm also a J2 M-172 with my family originally from England (we have 5 generations in New Zealand now). While nothing is certain, we've bought into the Syrian archer theory. Especially as our last name is Oldham, which is a town 100 miles from Hadrians Wall where the archers were based in the 1st century.

    Your photos are amazing by the way!

    Matthew Oldham
    Long lost relative.

  7. Cheer's Cousin!

    It certainly is a interesting discovery; and a theory that makes the most sense to us as well!

    I've since discovered I'm J2a4h2 and have zero matches out there in the DNA world.