Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Icebergs in Quidi vidi

I hadnt planned on doing much of anything. My wife coinvinced me to tag along on a short drive out to  Quidi Vidi to check out the icebergs that were pushed in close to shore. I complained about the traffic, crowds and general mayhem that would surround the berg's close to the city. Then caved...pulling on some shorts and a Che t-shirt for the drive.

Upon getting up to Quidi Vidi battery and seeing these beautiful ice sculptures there...

I caved again. Grabbing my gear and I went paddling.

This giant tabular berg seemed almost too big to have fit through the narrows of the harbour. The hills seemed alive with moving bright coloured ants as people walked the trails above to see these 20,000 year old chunks of ice. 20 degrees out, sunny, icebergs.....not a bad day!

Just outside the harbour laid a much taller berg and while I was very tempted to throw caution to the wind and T- shirt and shorts were not the type of thermal protection in these waters. And although it was nice and warm out and waters very calm....common sense kept me inside the harbours protection.

I stayed bobbing around the grounded northern gift for a half an hour or so; kicking myself for not having my thermals packed in the car. I really wanted to head off for a look at the others. Alas I would have to settle for one of the best seats for a view in Quidi vidi. Not a bad compromise.


Silhouetted photographers with lens's I assume were designed to take pictures of family back in Ireland (or assassination attempts). In all seriousness this berg will likely be the most photographed piece of ice this year due to it being within the city limits. The hill's still absolutely crawling with folks trying to see natures beauty was a bit inspiring. Folks taking time out of their busy working life's to hop the rocks and trails just to get a glimpse of these truly beautiful things. Beautiful.

A short impromptu paddle I could hear my two boys yelling DAAAAAAADDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEE! Well before I spotted them on the rocks.

A fine day.


  1. Nice. I love that blue color of old ice.

  2. Thanks UT.

    You cant even drive down there now. So many cars they have closed the roads in! Glad I got out before the crowds to see them.