Tuesday, April 24, 2012

After supper

Day has now expanded; allowing kayakers a respite to the humdrum of weekend and holiday only paddling. Masticating some burnt chicken on a stick and a healthy dose of french fries quickly; I was paddling on Bay Bulls Harbour by 18h00.

A very calm afternoon; albeit a stiff wind in a totally different direction than had been forecasted. I poked around in a few beautiful caves; staying out of a few a little further down the coast due to the 2m waves occasionally entering the caverns. Must remember helmet next time.

An after supper paddle still feels a little rushed at this point. And while a good 20km paddle may not be in the books just yet; a nice relaxing sojourn is now possible. My beautiful sunset was reimbursed by a splash of orange lichen; just as beautiful and amazing.

Wind rolling across arctic sea ice nipped at my right ear and cheek; while my left was stimulated by the crashing swell. The temperature began to plummeted with nights approach; proving she is still a cold earth needing many more days of sunshine before we bask in warmth at night.

We have began to escape darkness and cold again. Although the coldness still lurks reminding us of a long winter; we again have yet another part of our day back to use in pursuit of passions. For the sea, wild places, and kayaking.


  1. You know what, Lee? I'd venture that there is no better an after-supper "aid to digestion" than some time on the water. :) Duncan.

  2. Sleeping under the stars after would be a welcomed change and aide as well!

    Time to go dig through my camping gear tonight I think.....