Friday, March 30, 2012


Buying a house and land, a car, a kayak (and the bazillion things that go with kayaking)..we all have a idea of worth. Sometimes we find it's not what we thought; and sometimes money cannot express our love for something.

I'm just packing up to head around the bay to get some kayaking in (and of course some home reno's if there's a bad day in there too.)

I recently printed onto rolled canvas my 3rd place winner in the Canadian heritage rivers photo contest ran by Parks Canada and Rapid media. After looking at what some people charge for photographs in this city I was blown away to see how much printed photo's on canvas actually was...not the 400 dollars I've seen posted as selling prices around here!!

(Looks like the degree I never got!)

Anyway I figure I'll try something different (as per!) Barter for art. I'm going to print a total of 5 of these over the next few months; not for sale but barter. I think it will be interesting to see what will come up to exchange! A small island, used outdoor clothing, gas card, old paddle, WMD's....the results are endless!!

(Dinkies....not included)
So as a bit of a silent auction the bidding will now begin! Please send Barter ideas to:

With your suggestion for exchange name and address!

You will have a piece of art with a small circulation size of 5 in total (this being 2/5)

To cut costs on shipping and production this is not stretched onto a frame. It is rolled canvas as in the picture above!

Let the bidding begin!!

(I'll be back in internet range on Tuesday!)

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