Sunday, March 18, 2012

Smashed/Hammered on St Patty's day

As we drove along the beautiful southern shore people were already carrying boxes of beer. Rob and I decided a short paddle was in order; as we haven't been out paddling together since wayyyy back in July 9h00 we lobbed ourselves out over some small breaking swell into beautiful Witless bay.

Once out into the bay we had perfect deep 3-4 meter swells that displayed the oceans power as every crest pushed by in under our crafts. Smashing into the coast; roaring natures metronome to the music of the day. While it had been a little cool when we departed the pace ensured we were warmed up nicely. Huge bus size waves pushed up 200m offshore of Bear cove head; making us take a wide berth to avoid the breaking waves along the shoals.

In between the larger waves we poked around in the swell checking out what shoreline we could. Some coves were literally "washing machines" while others offered respite due to deeper water and shoals.

As we neared South head we spotted a huge cave that was well above the waterline. Not being able to see the back of it we knew it was a deep cave....and I decided we needed to go in for a look! We sized up the large cove and it seemed fairly tame. In we went. 

Small 2-3 meter swell crashed about 10 feet out from the shoreline. Sitting back reconnoitring the possibility to land on a small pebble beach; I heard Rob yell "LOOK OUT!" Never a good thing to hear from someone behind you. Suddenly I was ontop of a wave that had exploded into the rock wall beside me. Spitting me airbourne I crashed back to the water facing sideways. White water pounded down on me as I got back up from the brace. Robs laughter could be heard and I managed to get an exuberant "ha ha" out before the waves larger buddy came and flipped me end over end. My butt slipped out of the seat and I knew my skirt was already off. I wet exited up into again fairly calm conditions.  I flipped my boat with robs assistance and got him to tow me out a bit before this wave set came back. Rob grabbed my boat and I jumped into her and begin paddling out. Still half full of water I was very tippy and fell over and rolled back up...maybe the St Pattys day drunk was affecting the air here! Rob and I rafted up and pumped out my boat laughing. I began kicking myself for not wearing my gopro as I had to have been kicked a good meter into the air. 

We turned around at this point as I had my son's bowling party to attend in the afternoon. We stopped at a beach to warm up with some coffee and eat lunch. Discussions on what we would have done if solo what we coulda done differently filled the conversation. Frankly we both thought it was a laugh!

We spent some time near long beach surfing; gathering some attention from passer-by's before we pulled back into the takeout. A full day of 6 year olds with heavy bowling balls and sugar awaited me. However this was a great start to my day. Infact every morning should start like this! 


  1. You obviously had fun!

    Tony :-)

  2. It was a blast tony! I gotta outfit that valley a little better to keep me inside. It was one of the most fun moments I had kayaking yet!

    flying kayaks are just neat.

  3. She was a great day on the water. Wonderful way the "ease" back into kayaking! ha


  4. Did we just become BFF's! You bet it was brother. A great day.