Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Surfing and saints

 After poking my nose out of St. Philips hr I weighed my comfort against the wind and confused seas. I retreated back into the harbour doing a few rolls before calling it a day...On the way back in I was accelerated quickly into the protected hr on some small swell . being somewhat child like...this turned into a hour long game.

The avocet seems to just stick to the waves. My laughter and speedy entrance into the harbour quickly drew attention. Out of nowhere an audience of cars and walkers had amassed. That was my cue to exit stage left! 

A very short day on the water; but on the water none the less.
The car smelt of something wet...and old... I gotta find that piece of paddling gear that smells that bad soon. Salt stains ran down the windsheild driving home. Sawdust from picking up lumber decorated the dash. My buddy Rob had laughed as I loaded lumber right inside my little Kia rondo. "My wife would kill me". I laughed...in the big picture of stuff I do the sawdust wasn't a huge deal.

My wifes vacuum became a impromptu "shop vac" last week.

The bath tub a place to soak wood.

And in between the salt and the dishes sat clamps and a piece of broken rib.

She my friends is a saint.


  1. I love my avocet, it's so much fun to play in! Your wife clearly is very understanding, my house is often in a similar state but I live on my own! But.... 'my wife's vac'?! 'Our vac' surely?!!!!

  2. I would love to have the avocet in glass. I bought the poly boat just to smack into rocks! I think all us kayakers look at the rest of our stuff as kayak support!!

    And yes..how very 1950's of me! OUR vacuum!! Anything aside from my kayak gear for some reason I look at as not mine lol.

  3. (in my defense...she did say "WTF did you do to my vacuum!")

  4. The glass ones are pretty tough.... I've been crashing into things for 3 years!

  5. I think thats the next glass I'll be adding to the fleet! Love my avocet!