Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SOF Build: Ready for launch

After practicing entering and exiting the kayak on dry land; I decided to cut out two ribs that seemed to impede exiting. Suddenly due to the lack of ribs the fabric sagged. No problem...heat gun!!!

It tightened up the fabric perfect; however I unfortunately made a small hole in the side. 3M marine sealant then covered with gun tape and painted. Not the prettiest however I'm certain it will not be her last patch!

Ready to go I fitted her skirt and added some decklines. 

Here she comes!

This was suppose to be a picture on the snow bank. Wind pushed her over and she proceeded to roll 4 times before landing upright like a cat. Tough as nails.

Tonight she rests on the vehicle. Float bags installed; ready for launch tomorrow morning!


  1. thanks!

    Next one will be quicker.... now that I have half a clue what I'm doing!!

  2. Great stuff Lee, a dab of Canadian whisky on the bow at the launch?!

    I see now how she comes out of the house - it must have taken as much effort to shift that snow as to do the build...

    Kind Regards

    1. Cheer's ian!

      Maybe a drop of Perrier will have to substitute! They will look at me weird enough going out kayaking in this snowy land...add in a cracking of a bottle before a solo paddle....coast guard WILL be called lol.

      The snow has been on our mind now the past few weeks. One more snowfall and we were going to tunnel her out!!