Friday, February 24, 2012

SOF Build part deux

I helped sweep up the mound of sawdust that has accumulated in Rob's garage. We had made a quick pop down the road to an actual lumber mill that had been sitting right under our noses. I picked up enough green spruce 2x4's for both Rob's and my kayak ribs. Again Rob's table sang out across Kilbride as the baywops got to work. 

The white spruce just did not seem to like bending. Way too many knots and imperfections denied the forces exerted.  I ended up switching to some kiln dried pine I had on hand; which bent really nice.

Depth difference between aft and stern is something I had failed to decipher from all the material online and books during my last build. Ribs currently all match up providing a sharp nose and rear; yet flatten out to provide a sharp yet stable craft. 

My oldest came poking around once he heard the circular saw screaming from the den. After being shown only once he proceeded to tie in the stem. "Maybe I'll show my kid's one day fadder". He's an old soul. I smiled.

Stringers ready. All ribs finally pegged and sewn in.

I'm hoping to get back on the water tomorrow. Other aspects of living have really gotten in the way lately..time to reengage the ocean.


  1. Hi Lee, looking good again, maybe this time round you should skin the kayak with nylon wrap for a test paddle before you put on the real skin, you can get a feel for the boat and make changes as needed

  2. Thanks Steve.

    This build has been much easier than the last so far I plan on wrapping her maybe tomorrow for a test paddle!