Saturday, February 4, 2012

SOF Build: Paint!

Hours of work yesterday ended in one back stitch that had finally secured my skin onto my frame.

As my wife worked away at sewing the last few stitches I had ran to home depot and purchased a heat gun. The wrinkles quickly disappeared becoming drum tight under the heatgun. Truly impressed with the tool. I had done some testing on a few strips of excess polyester I had cut off the boat. I quickly found it's melting point; and the "Goldilock" zone.  

I allowed it to cool down and at 1am I began painting...

5am the kayak painted with it's first coat I went and took a nap.

Next post...

Paddling the Qajaq.


  1. Are you sure it will go through the door?

  2. Wont fit out the door but a window up behind will be JUST enough lol. I may have to dig a snow tunnel outside the window to get her out however!

  3. We're expecting lots of pics to mark the "1st Paddle". Can we anticipate some kind of a formal "launching"? Speeches, champagne, official christening. Heck, it should be an occasion! :) Nice piece of work, Lee. BZ! Duncan.