Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday floated past

"It's Friday, Friday......gotta get down on Friday."
-Rebecca Black

St. Philips harbour.

The weather seemed like the pits. Gusting winds and minus degree weather chilled me without even leaving my abode. I stayed glued to the couch aside from a few impromptu wrestling/tickling matches with my two little ones. The only drive I had in the AM was pushing a bus along the edge of our coffee table. Producing traffic noises and using a deep voice depicting  how a bus would talk in my cranium. I stepped outside around 2 and was surprised at just how nice it was out. The ever expanding daylight could afforded me a few hours....... Into the car and off for a short paddle.  

Rain had pounded the Avalon over the past two weeks. Constant freezing rain mixed with torrential downpours. 140mm had embraced the soil so far this month. Having no groundhogs in Newfoundland we didn't receive concrete evidence of 6 more weeks of winter on it`s way as the rest of Canada had. Aside from where snow shovels had strained to pile the mountains of January's snow; it was beginning to look a lot like spring. 

 The SD card I grabbed was stuck in "write protected" mode..... with the little switch broken off. Leaving me just the ability to take 10 pictures on the internal memory. 10 pictures to capture the day. The "teeth" of winter seemed to be retracting back into the rocks; changing from K-9`s to molars as time marched forward.

Almost 365 days had marched past since I was falling through the slowly thawing ice in the Ottawa valley. Shuffling 100m out into the current of the Ottawa river to paddle thin channels of open water. 

How different life can be one year from the next. From the frozen Ottawa river to the open expanses of the North Atlantic. Now a year later here I sat; the roar of the water refreshing the air as it crashed into the sea from above. Change can be good. I've made many changes in this past year. Most recently I switched to brushing my teeth with my kid's toothpaste. Seeing that the yummy strawberry flavored paste "makes cavity fighting fun"; and my generic medicine tasting"mint" or "cinnamon" doesn't taste as good..and had no mention of fun....I gave it a go.  My teeth haven't rotted and my mouth isn't tasting like burning cinnamon. Although not exactly "fun" as is notably tastier.

Other changes have taken place in my basement. The SOF has been taking a different shape, approach, and method of construction this time around. So far 2 hours and 55 minutes of my time has the keelson on and gauged; ready for stem pieces. A arctic candle I took out of my survival kit set the perfect lines of my kayak against the wall as I studied her tonight playing with some kayaking gear.

A lot of changes.


  1. nice one Lee, kids toothpaste is more fun than adults in order to get them to use the damn stuff, and change is good for you. great photos as usual and good to see your new SOF taking shape.Cheers. Steve

    1. Thanks Dock! I will continue the fun of cavity fighting then! Shes pretty out there now Steve. Things are starting to thaw. SOF stem pieces and maybe some ribs tonight!

  2. We just woosed out of paddling because of the gale,snow and hail forecast for the day. Now I feel like a big softie after reading that!!!

    1. haha don't feel bad the winter laziness has been kicking my butt lately...Gale and snow is usually a good enough excuse! i've woosed out for less!!