Saturday, January 21, 2012

Viking in the cliff.

David Bowie"Starman" turned up just a little too loud pounded on the car speakers as I got ready. Regardless of how fun or interesting the boat building project was; I was getting cabin fever after a week off the water.  Chapel cove 08h00; and ready to paddle.

Colours magnified erosion. Towering red cliffs diverted the South and westerly winds; tossing clouds above. Trees danced in the rhythmic gusts. Streams attraction to the sea frozen in towering icicles; doing their time as temporarily prisoners to the season. 

Exposed rockface sloping gently into the sea was too tempting to not "seal" land upon. The rock slimy with alage made for a interesting shuffle up the stone slipway. Small patches of mulloscus provided grip under portage boots as I pulled my craft.

I spent some time looking around the huge rock for fossils or any little things of interest.  I found mini ecosystems in tidal pools. Signs of spring and my overall requirement for connection to this place were evident in every inch of this beautiful topography.

Seal launching back into the calm of the headland; under sculptures of the sea. Our animal brains are hardwired to spot human faces; thus we see them in clouds,mountains...even toast sometimes.  One of my favorite humans the late Carl Sagan claimed spotting human faces to be an evolutionary trait. This massive cliff face became a canvas to my "evolved" mind. A viking captured by the earth. 

A lone clopse of wood somehow remains gripped to the Harbour main point. Looking out past the calm; I could see the westerly wind finally pitching across the vast expanse of Conception bay. The slow swell would soon turn to a choppy mess of windwave across such a large fetch. Solo paddling here in the winter I tend to listen to my instincts and decided this was as far as I would explore.

A very short paddle along a very beautiful section of the Avalons vast coastline. I don't know how many more kilometers remain on my quest; but I look forward to each one.


  1. the white duke, aka david bowie, it's the best way for starting a magic day ;)

  2. Beauty!
    My Father In Law has started looking at houses for sale on the Avalon! He's decided the time has come to make the move to the place he loves most on this earth.
    The rest of us are quite excited too...hope it doesn't take him to long to find what he's looking for.

    1. Thanks karen it was a beautiful albeit very very short paddle. MLS has a few that are pretty nice and good price. Hopefully he's got a house to sell up there...housing prices are going up higher and higher here now....houses for rent in my tiny outport...2500 a month!! No joke!

      My wife and I are moving from the city as soon as we get sorted out in the next 2-3 years. Time to start living life by my own terms!