Saturday, January 28, 2012

SOF Build: Sinew, deck ridges, masik and Stem

Tied to the land due to an absolutely ridiculous string of weather has been horrible; yet providing time for some rest and kayak building none the less. Today I hauled out the sinew tying together the strong gunwales; it honestly seemed a little overdone. Yet it's another example of just how sturdy these crafts are built. Pegged, lashed together, and held together by it's skin; a flexible but sturdy craft.

The final ribs in place the night before; it felt nice to be done that part of the build. It was awesome to see it finally looking more like a kayak and less like a snowshoe!! I pegged in two extra rear deck beams which are not called for in any of the plans. However I wished to "beef up" the back for any scramble recovery that may occur. While rolling is key...I think we've all been out of our boat in 3m swells before...I know I have! I will add a further two beams tomorrow to run from there to the backrest.

I had found a large alder with a big bend while out in Trinity bay. After much internal debate on it's strength and durability I decided to go for it and use it to make my masik.

After cutting out some grooves for the forward deck ridges I was surprised that my eyeball method was fairly bang on with the level! I'm improving!

Masik debarked and sanded; forward deck beams pegged in. She's really starting to take shape! My buddy Rob dropped in to see the progress. (I told him it's nice to get company as the cat is being ignorant and not talking to me.) 

Rob and I made a few measurements, caught up on the news, and half planned 3 kayak trips. There are not many people from my childhood I still have much in common with; it's great to have Rob around.  We roughed out the forward stem piece which I shall finish up tomorrow. Luck would have it 20cm of snow and high winds forecasted for tomorrow; which will have me doing "hard time" behind 4 walls yet again. 

Depending on my overall mood tomorrow I could really get quite a bit done.
 The cockpit is the next big part I have to think about. I have some ideas which I'll get into in a later post.

For a guy who can't build a box out of 4 equal pieces of board; I'm beginning to impress myself!


  1. Doesn't a box need 6 equal pieces of board? ;)

  2. Who knows ...I can't build one anyway.

  3. looking good out there, what are you planning to skin it with/

  4. Thanks steve.

    I've got 8 oz polyester here for the skin.