Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SOF Build: Ribs, steak and mixed berries

Having the house to myself for the past week the house has temporarily turned into a functional kayakers house. One kayak sits in the living room to stay nice and dry, my steam box sits atop my sink. It doesn't seem to impede my "cooking for one" lifestyle this week. Steak and mixed fruit for supper!! By the time supper was done I could bend some more ribs!

After experimenting with the steam box I wasn't pleased with the low yield of success. One person wrote me and said that steaming it could be allowing the sap and such to seep out of it making it brittle. Heck sounded about right for what I was seeing.  I decided to use the method pointed out to me by Sean Dawe in Cesars Bark Canoe NFB video. No harm in trying I figured!! Using one of my wife's old pots ( or maybe it looks old cause she likes it and uses it alot...who knows!) I placed one rib end in the boiling water and with a coffee cup poured hot water down both sides.

Using the bending Jig I made up (note army belt put to good use!)......

I had fantastic results with only about 10 percent failure. Much quicker, and productive method.

I still have some ribs to finish up tomorrow....alas I am city bound with neighbours and noise restrictions after hours......

And I got some more stock to mill!!


  1. I love the kayak in the middle of the livingroom! I thought it was just us singletons that could get away with such things....

  2. I somehow still do!! #1 rule in dating...never pick a mate who cannot overlook the kayaks in the house!!

  3. That looks fantastic - I'm jealous!

  4. Thanks a lot Tim! I cannot wait to get this creation in the water. Been a ton of fun building so far. Sinew tying tonight!

  5. Lee, does your wife *lol* read your blog?

    Tony :-)

  6. She's usually too busy spending my money lol. Nah she's pretty much got the same sense of humour/learned to deal with me over the years haha.

  7. I have known Sean the last 3 years or so and I have found if he offer advise on kayak construction you can pretty much take it to the bank...

    my wife tells me I treat the house like a shed... she says as long as I have a path from the front door to the basement where my kayaks and gear live I am happy... so true, so true...

  8. Yes the significant others of kayakers either adapt or go nuts I figure!

    By far the best way to do ribs. Me and Rob took time steaming and prebending and had very poor success. With the pouring of boiling water I've even bent kiln dried wood with zero issue! The cockpit coaming no longer intimidates me!

    I hear yah...I've spent the past 12 years living in subpar conditions for a wouldnt believe what I would be cozy living in!