Thursday, January 12, 2012

SOF Build: Gunwales, Mortise, and shaped!

Tracking down my saw horses and tools was a bit of a challenge. More box's still unpacked at the new home. Finally today I got some of the SOF started.

A plus of having it in my den is our old desktop computer is still hooked up down there. Eiichi Ito's awesome "How to cook your Qajaq"; and his facebook photo's of his current SOF build (#12!!) I had all the directed required at arms length.

Of course some bleeding is key to any amateur kayak builder.

Today I cut all the mortise for the ribs and shaped the gunwales. Drilling out the holes with a hand drill and jig and cleaning them up with a chisel was pretty relaxing!

|Shaped, rib mortises all done..

And starting to look like a kayak!


  1. Hey Lee:

    When I look at someone building a new kayak I get the same feeling as when I see a newborn baby. First I think "Man I miss those days" (of having a new child / building a new boat)and then I start to come back to reality and think "Man, I'm glad I'm going through that again"

    I'm still planning on building the Black Pearl but not just yet. As for any "new" kids, that's just out of the question altogether.

    Enjoy the build!!!


    Oh yeah - what are the dimensions on this craft? Do you fit it to your size?

  2. haha I'm gonna have to carry around a picture in my wallet too I guess!

    Yeah all the sizes are based on body, 3x arm span which works out to 16 ft length and hips plus two fists which is about 20 inches at it's widest part.

    I'm moving into semi retirement here now and looking for a side project to stay busy with aside from paddling. Hopefully I'll have a boat barn next year!

  3. that black pearl is a beauty. Looks like a pricey build...cheaper than Oxycodon I guess which seems to be the largest pass time here!haha

  4. My new drug/gas of choice is CO2 - I'm, right now, making/testing a DIY CO2 injection system for the new aquarium. Looking good so far but a few tweaks to make!!! (CO2 is crucial for keeping a planted tank!!)

    I have this good/bad habit of throwing myself face and eyes into things and I've recently rediscovered my love of fish/plant keeping. Between the aquarium and my love of watching my son play b-ball, the paddling and kayak building has been taking a beating. My excuse has always been that "The water ain't going nowhere, so it'll be there when I've got the time" Likewise, the attic is there and building materials can be acquired should I wish to build a new boat!!

    Still, I suspect the call of the Pearl will be harkening to me soon - I feel so much like Capt'n Jack Sparrow!!


  5. Or Dr Evil with those fish tanks!He even started with koi with fricken lazers.

    My son spent a good part of the day helping. He wants to build one for him next...I cant say no to that!

    If yah gets back on the water drop me a line...I'm pretty much free anytime now.

  6. If you're going to build one for your son, be sure to check out the Sea Flea from My kids loved it.

    Sean, what sort of CO2 system are you going with for the aquarium? That's what my tank needs too.

  7. Hi Lee, it already looking like a kayak

  8. maybe I'm wrong but in the first shot in the corner I see a pair of snowshoes. Okanagan 1800 British Colombia? :-)

  9. Cheers Bryan
    I was looking into the yost boats but figure now that my oldest is big enough he will get a kick outta building traditional. Steam bending is not only'll be kinda cool too I figure! Do yours still use the yost? That was a nice build!

  10. Cheer's steve it's cool to see it taking shape; and definitely helpful to see such little work paying off so early!

    Gio those are my Algonquin style shoes I picked up in the Ottawa valley. Right next to my gaff and leopard tank shells! Still love using the tradtional shoes from time to time!

  11. Bryan: I'm running a DIY CO2 on the tank - a 4l bottle of yeast, sugar and water - running through a diffuser. The CO2 is running 24/7 but I'll be using a bubble stone to expel the CO2 when the lights are off. All is handled by programmed outlets so that when the lights are on the bubbles are off and vice versa. Not sure if it's my eyes but I can see improvements in the plants already!!

    My kids see me building things all the time - usually in the kitchen - so when I start a new project they're like "Big deal. Dad's building something again" Not much interest on their behalf!! I hope they do pay attention at some point because I got my "handyness" from my Dad!

    I've got a pair of wooden bear paw shoes in my shed - with rawhide lashings. My wife bought them for me back in the late 80's. Had to finally replace the rawhide bindings last year as they just broke in my hands!! Bought new bindings late last winter but have yet to give them a good go!!

    Lee: We'll hit the water together at some point. I sense a lot of commonality!!

    Peace out!!

    1. Sean: Way off topic, but I want to get a system using compressed CO2. It's on "the list" but keeps slipping down a couple notches every time something else comes up. I have done the brewery version of CO2 but now I just go without and settle for mediocre plants. Real plants are just so much nicer than plastic.

      Lee: Yup, the Sea Flea is still getting use. The older girl has outgrown it and now it's the 6-year-old's kayak.

  12. Hey Lee and family. Hope you are enjoying your time back in NFLD. I take it y'all don't have any snow this winter? We've got a bit here in the Valley, more coming tonight. We get out on the shoes as much as we can. I kind of have to take things easy getting back in the grove again! We have had a couple of BITTER BITTER cold days, but get this, the INDIAN RIVER is still open in a lot of spots! I just about freaked when I noticed snowmobile tracks on it today. Like are they frickin' NUTS!?????????
    By the way lad, how are you going to get that 'yak out of your basement?

  13. yes Sean for certain.

    Karen I gotta say this winter has been so far so good. Not too good for snowshoeing none the less! The pics dont show the laundry room behind. gives me plenty of maneuver room to get her out the basement window!