Monday, January 16, 2012

SOF build: Family, friends, and progress

3 foot nothing. Nothing but muscle, bone and a desire to help and learn. No talk would be heard about a young juniper being "too big for him to lift". Excited to be helping knowing that this tree would become part of our kayak back in the city.

Rob lending yet another helping hand in milling up this juniper into ribs for the kayak. Without a table saw of my own Rob's help has been paramount; making a lot of hand sawing easy work.

Good bending stock all milled and ready to go!

Cut a little long I'll be trimming these down in the coming days.

Stringers and runner cut. Material for the keelson ready to go.

My oldest excited to buy 59 cent dowels and spending time with dad. I was just as happy!

the end result: A kayak. time spent with friends and bonding and teaching my oldest during very impressionable years.

Life has had me shore bound as my wife and kids get ready for a trip back to Ontario to visit family. While I'll be missing them I know I need to get back on the water and re balance. 

More pictures from the brine to come soon!


  1. "Time spent with friends and bonding and teaching my oldest..." - what a wonderful project. And you get a SOF kayak too? Sounds pretty good to me. :) D.

  2. me basement still smells some nice!
    Just like going for a walk in the woods


  3. I'm digging this project. Super fun.

  4. Ha Rob I was thinking the same thing yesterday. My basement smells awesome with the juniper soaking.

    Bryan I'm finding it super relaxing; and a great "community" event really. Glad your enjoying! hopefully over the next few days I'll have enough material to post again. barring a change in weather I'm hoping to get some paddling in tomorrow.