Monday, January 2, 2012

Fire starting with Jasper

While many people were ringing in the new year with diet's that will last about 2 weeks and work out programs that will see their last and first day....I was very ill.

 I don't drink much. And that was very evident as the sun rose and my world was spinning. The 1st sunrise of 2012 wasn't going well!  I wouldn't dare utter the words "never again" as they usually ring as typical lingo for someone suffering my self inflicted agony.

None the less after keeping down some water I did some practice sparking with the jasper I had found in my last post and a piece of old file.

After hitting the jasper the first time it cracked in half providing a sharp edge in which the steel under friction would fly off as sparks. With little to no damage to the rock as shown.

Doing well on "survivor challenges" seemed to be the joke of the day as I messed about with this new skill. If nothing else it's a neat little trick to show the kids; and another tool in the box of survival tricks!

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