Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blow me down bluff and brevity

 The hissing of a dovkies wings taking flight both promulgated my approach and labeled just how serene this warm day in January was. Winter couldn't have felt further away.

 The more I thought about the possible adit I had found a few days back; the more I began to doubt my find. I was right to doubt. Just a little further out the bay I quickly found the actual abandoned 1850's coppermine.

Partially obstructed by shrubs and alder the adit extended a mere 6 feet in. The blasting holes verified what I had found was indeed the Holyrood coppermine.  Fine spot to camp!

Rounding Blow me down bluff I encountered the softest rolling swell I've seen here on the rock. Barely enough to even see and just enough to make a slow lullaby song on the rockface.

  Traditional saltbox homes on grassy fields; farms once cut from the forest by Irish settlers. Two common goldeneye took to flight as I entered into this beautiful outport. 60 km from the city; and two worlds apart.

Chapels cove. Named after an english merchant who long ago dried his fish along this beautiful beach. 
Daylight brief and after a long week; I turned back.

I had made decisions this week that I are both life changing and for the best. Hard decisions. Hanging upside down in my kayak taking pictures can put things in perspective. Looking through the shots upon rolling back up; the plethora of life below was reassuring to me. 

Brevity seemed to reflect this trip. This post. This day.
Brevity describes our time here. 

Time to start living.


  1. WOW, not a snowflake to be seen. Funny too because where I was out 30 kms away I had a snow squall come up from the Holyrood direction. It was a good day to be out.

    Tony :-)

  2. As Shakespeare wrote, "brevity is the soul of wit". Your words and images speak of abundance, Lee. (Both right side up and upside down!) Thanks for that. D.

  3. I know tony I was surprised by what a difference a few km made! It sure was a great day on the water. Only regret is I didnt go earlier!

    Thanks Duncan!