Sunday, September 25, 2011


Children are disease sponges. We send them off every morning with a smile as they soak up any influenza virus you haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet to bring home for a play date.

I have been sick (and whiny) all weekend.

I managed to get out today with a bottle of cloraseptic in my coat pocket (totally ignoring the fact I can't use it every 5 seconds as directed on the bottle) for a walk into a pond behind my house with my little one. Anyway I'm far too sick to attempt to write anything; and will let the pic's speak for themselves.

Home sweet home


  1. Loved the pics, especially "home sweet home". The boats will be back in the water soon. Quick recovery, Lee. I've been where you are - and after all, we do teach our children to share. :) D.

  2. Haha yes they sure do share. Home sweet home is the home I grew up in along the shore. My cabin is gonna be put just across the road closer to the water on my land.Figure it's close enough to spit into the ocean! Thats the dream anyway!

  3. Sounds perfect. Dreams have a way of happening, I've found. Hold onto them. Our cabin is on Gabriola Island and looks across the Salish Sea to Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and the Coast Mountains. Can't quite "spit" but it's a really quick launch! D.

  4. sounds like quite the place! I think I have to get a plan in motion to make this one a reality. Cause tight now it's still in dream phase.