Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Indiana Jones stars in: Witless bay and the Breaking point.


A summer furlough was not on the books this year during the usual July-Aug time frame. However as the cool air filled my lungs as I paddle out into the evening air; this fall time off work seemed like a great idea.

While the waves were tiny swell coming in from the Atlantic; the low tide made for some great "rock gardening". Nothing too strenuous; just a bit of fun playing about along the shore of Witless bay.

I was very surprised to not find any large caves as is the norm along this rugged coast. Aside from one nice gate to paddle through the coast had not given in to the constant erosion.

As I rounded breaking point I was a little disappointed to find only a few rolling waves; and not much happening out to sea. A real nice calm day. Watching the paths through the rocks I practiced some boat control among the white capped swell and rock.

Gull island in the distance; I stopped for a short break on breaking beach. It's a awesome camping place aside from the east coast trail which delivers people to it's shore via a nice groomed path.Today I was lucky to have it to myself.

A clear fresh water brook babbles over the polished beach rocks into the sea; making for easy resupply of water while in camp. Summer`s gifts made the cool air smell sweet.

Much like my ancestors; mollusk clinging to a rock trying their best to survive.

As the sun set behind the evergreens and hills of the point; I suddenly remembered an obligation to be somewhere shortly after dark. Whatever. Drank another coffee watching the steam dance in my cup.

I played cat and mouse with some sandpipers and plovers on the way home. Beautiful little animals and very cagey to get close to. And then I seen it. A moose? The large brown creature cracked through the bushes above.
Then Indiana Jones stumbled; caught themselves and appeared with two huskies. At first I wasn't going to mention this on my blog..but. During moose season dressing as Indiana Jones in the woods around Newfoundland is a really dumb thing to do.  And while it may be a new fall trend in St.Johns to dress as Indiana Jones (Sping fashion here was dressing as you were attempting to summit Everest while walking up New Gower Street) wearing brown crashing through the woods during moose hunting season is not only dumb..... it's plain stupid. Having already found the "temple of doom" or whatever she was looking for; she safely made it back to her SUV and left. While I know hunters will not take the shot until certain; add 1 really stupid hunter and Darwinisms occurs. I always meet interesting characters along my journeys...but not one quite this stupid.

A wonderful day full of rock gardens beautiful beaches and 1 really really dumb person.

***Authors note: I just decided about 5 minutes ago that I'm heading out for a camping trip tomorrow. No real plans yet...I'll fill you all in when I get back!!***


  1. Enjoyed that, as always, Lee. Sounds like the decision you made "5 minutes ago" is a great one. Have fun, breath deeply, paddle / hike safely - and tell us all about it when you're back. Duncan.

  2. damn cool places (repeat ad nauseam). I'm all ears...

    ciao ;)

  3. Thank Duncan; always enjoy getting your feedback. Just packing up here now, charging batteries and explaining why I need so many maps to my 5 yr old! Thanks again I'll gladly share upon my return. Most likely tomorrow night.

    Cheer's Gio it sure is a place of wonder and excitement for me. I'm glad I get the ability to share with you all. Ad nauseam to come!!!