Saturday, June 4, 2011


Been a lazy week. While I got out kayakin a few times the week; its not what I'd call kayaking as much as watching the sunset and getting outside for a hour or two. Just a qucik paddle tonight just to get out after supper.

Well worth the trip out.

The gopro set up on a rock captured the millions of moments of todays end.

....I figure I'll get a good trip in tomorrow.


  1. I think laziness is vital for us in this speeeeedy world.


  2. Glad to see your having fun with your GoPro. I'll have to post some of my own videos too. My wife got me to put in a pond last year and she's been wanting to shoot video of her fish in the pond but it's been too murky.. I'm looking for a little more adventure than fish in a pond to shoot with my GoPro.. lol

  3. Gio I a point! Ithink I found a new level of lazy this week. Time to get out and get paddling again to get out of this slump!

    hahaah yeah its a great little camera. Finally figuring it all out. Cant wait to see your vid's.