Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dunlop island and a HDR photo attempt

I'm a lucky man. Being alive and here in this moment is quite the mind trip to think about. Sitting here checking my email for a few joint projects I have ongoing, all I could hear from the living room was panicked newscasters. Tsunami, nuclear meltdown, Iodine pills flying off the shelf's around the world. Nuclear Plant A in Pickering Ontario leaking into our water system yesterday.... I live 10 Km downstream from Chalk river Nuclear facility which on December 12, 1952 had a meltdown releasing 30 kg of uranium  through the reactor stack. Not to mention it's release of radioactive waste into the Ottawa last year. Instead of sitting around listening to the scary facts that our demand for more and more electricity is destroying the world ... I kissed and hugged my perfect family, grabbing my wife's tripod on my way out. A "friendly reminder" of it's price escorted me out the door from my humble abode.

I paddled off in search for some peace and a attempt at HDR ( high-dynamic-range ) photo's.
Let's keep this intense wording real simple. It's taking multiple photo's of the same thing at different exposures . All of these photo's were shot with a point and shoot camera, nothing fancy.  My exposure goes from plus 2 to minus 2. I took three pics -2, 0 ,+2 put them together and here's what happened:

Dunlop Island

"Without me."
A view of town.


I tried this one freehand and it turned out OK. You can notice the movement between the three photo's around the branches. I still kinda like it. One thing I learned tonight I was so focused on the process of 3 photo's I didn't focus on other things I usually add to my photo's. I think keeping that in mind next time; I may come up with some powerful photo's.

I hadn't paddled far; sometimes it's just the action of getting out there.
Lucky man indeed.


  1. Very cool indeed! What camera do you use?

  2. Cheer's Thanks Jeff!
    I'm using a Lumix DMC-TS2 and Photomatrix light to put the 3 photo's together. As long as you have ability on a camera to agjust exposure in manual mode your set. I have a older digital Kodak that I'm gonna attempt to use Beach mode, landscape,and sunset in the presettings to attempt the same....just to see.

  3. Hi Lee,

    'Home' looks like a painting!

    'Without me' has a beautiful sunset BUT 'Exposed' touches on my feelings on how I really want to get out there.

    'Blur' is a memory of my childhood story the Snow Queen - a frozen beauty.

    Great work! Keep it up!

    About you Blog, yes, knowing about the radio active materials dumped into the Ottawa River makes me want to hang onto Rick and my family and protect them the best way that I can.


  4. yep, we are lucky men!!!
    wow, you're an HDR wizard :-).

  5. Wow thanks a bunch Deb. I love getting you thoughtful feedback. It's great to see another's view. And I agree I'm very happy that NFLD doesnt do Nuke plants.

    Cheer's Baffin. Soon time to haul out that kayak add some 303 and get on the water!

    Thanks Giovanni! I agree anyone who realises how lucky they are truly are just that. I wouldnt say a wizard...I'm just lucky!