Monday, February 7, 2011

Old and new

The things that propel me from humans. From their rules and bureaucracy. Old things that remind me of my forefathers fight for survival in this harsh northern land. Things that remind me that he thrived, and  production of new outdoor pursuit equipment shows how well they did.

Like most things in my life  I really don't judge anything as bad or good. I sometimes think Greenland paddling is getting too "cliquish" for me and I don't like drinking the "koolaide" with the other kids. Yet making something with your own hands that costs maybe 10 dollars that can compete with a 350 dollar carbon paddle; I'm in love. Then sometimes I like the extra grab of my carbon or wish I had it in huge surf.

Sliding back down a steep cliff in my Algonquin shoes as I attempted to reach the top; I vowed  I would buy a new pair.  Yet there are times in my new snowshoes I had wished for my Algonquins. Not to mention a jack shirt just don't seem to match the MSR Evo`s.

Usually I trip alone and my tools that I utilise are my existence. Old and new, I`m still here...or there. In the moment.

Maybe someday I will look back on my enthusiasm and adventurous brain and wish I had it back. Maybe I will look back and see how fullish and stubborn my young brain was.

Old and new.


  1. Just an observation, but wouldn't the Euro paddlers be the kool-aid drinkers. Kool-aid is a mass produced drink enjoyed by countless people - just like the Euro blades. Greenland paddles, on the other hand, are in the minority and tend to be handcrafted - much like a good home brew or micro-brewery beer!!

    Just my 2 cents!

  2. Some days I would agree with you!!! =0)
    However thanks for the comment! I thought it would lead to discussion!!

    Preception is a wonderful thing!