Sunday, February 13, 2011

kayaking year round in Ontario

Today was the milestone I had been shooting for this year. The completion of 12 months of kayaking in Ontario's freshwater lakes.  With minus 20 being the median temp over most of January, I didn't expect much paddling in February; and was slightly worried I wouldn't reach my goal. With some water open in the fast moving current at Petawawa point; I sat in my car drinking my coffee to try and make my lungs feel a little better. Getting up the drive and motivation to portage down. This dry hacking cough that makes me gyrate until I'm dizzy was annoying. The kind of flu that makes everything look funny and leaves you with that total lack of energy. While enjoying my coffee I had a fine discussion with a guy who lives down here near the point. Turns out he is an avid paddler as well and is looking forward to a paddle. He had been out paddling Christmas day on the Petawawa in his Canoe and was rearing to get back out. Of course we got on the topics of "have you been/ have you seen" and we both discovered another wreck from each other here in this little piece of river! More on that wreck after breakup!

Spring weather made the portage down warm. I took 2 breaks as my flu was just making me feel like I had no energy to continue.I'm sure normal people/ smart people stay home when they are this sick. However the ice rotting away a awesome sign to see; and well worth the pain.

I celebrated my milestone pulled up on a ice sheet much the same as I paddle. Quietly and solo.
Chenal du Chebut under deep snow accumulated over the past two weeks.
A drab of coffee to reflect on this small goal. 12 months CAN be done here in Ontario. And dare I say November to February has been a awesome paddling season.

Not having a huge piece of paddle space I relaxed on the ice with coffee in hand. Sounds of far of skidoo's hummed like the bush planes that would soon be flying over into the wilds of Quebec.
The warm manitou's pressed moisture out of the ice. Pieces were beginning to crack, drip, and float off.
Here's to a great 12 months paddling here in Ontario.
Now I have a few days of sickness to sit around at home and dream up the next goal........


  1. Way to go Lee, making goals and reaching them is a satisfying feeling. I'm surprised you found any open water given the temperature.

    Tony :-)

  2. I love the 12 months goal. I've done that myself and am shooting for it again this year. Gotta get out this month and next and I'll be there with you.

  3. Thanks Tony, its been getting hard to find much open but things are looking in the plus for next week! Now looking for the next goal...possiably the avalon in 2011.

    Cheers Bryan.I just wanted to see if it was doable here in the ottawa valley...seems everyone else puts away their gear wayyyy to early round these parts! Like you I think it may be a continuing goal!

  4. Congrats on making your goal. I've gone cycling all year (even with snow on the ground), but cannot fathom paddling all year. Tanks for sharing your adventures with us!

  5. Thanks Rob Its been a rewarding experience! biking is really something I have to get back into.