Thursday, May 6, 2010

WTF is meningitis? Alligators in the Ottawa river?

Well unfortunately my wife found out the hard way what meningitis is. Lucky for us she is recovering well and seems to be OK here now. It's been a long rough week of parents flying in, babysitters for the lad's, fast food, and a lack of sleep.

Needless to say kayaking didn't happen this week.

My wife was heavily sedated however I stayed by her side day and night worried to death. During one of my drives either too or from the hospital to check up and care for my wee lad's I heard of a new book "Alligators of the north" which sounded very interesting. However with my brain running around a million things from work to kids to wife; to my new found little chores my wife usually does ( do you know someone has to BUY shampoo?)It totally slipped my mind.

Anyway being the awesome husband I am, I remembered her talking about a book she was waiting for that was released on the 5th. So before I went to the hospital I dropped by coles bookstore and picked it up for her. Not that she could actually read it, but I was glad it put a smile on her face anyway. And right there at the checkout was Alligators of the north!

It is a fantastic book of the awesome warping tug's that were used for pulling timber over ground and water. I don't want to get too much into the books awesome descriptions and stories but WELL worth picking up. It's given me some clues as to the steamshipwreck I showed you guys on that previous post. More on that once I get a few more tidbits to fit my puzzle together. I will hopefully end my quest soon to I.D the wreck.

I had a good chuckle when I realised I was reading a book I had heard about on a CBC radio, sitting in the hospital...When I told my wife she exclaimed:

"Oh my God, were getting old arnt we"
I don't know about that but two things are for certain.
1. Meningitis is a horrible thing.
2.Alligators of the North is a must have for anyone with a interest in history. A well written very information heavy book. It's a must have in any part time historians library. I see myself referencing this book a lot in the future.

Don't get this book....and life will be good.

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