Sunday, May 2, 2010

Broken paddles, baby geese, Chevalier de troyes, and skippin supper after a long work week.

Leaving historic Lamure bay leaves quite a bit to the imagination. Not only the area, but the vague references in historic journals; unlike from travelers of today they leave it up to the reader of these previous explorations to decide in his own mind where the camp would have been. Where would the canoes be hauled up all those years ago?

While I was reading this week...I sure wasnt paddling. This picture above is one of my mind and body mending after quite a long week.

I know it's been a whole week since I wrote, and what a work week it's been. I can honestly say besides bedtime reading of Ottawa river history; the thought of kayaking rarely crossed my mind. Sleeping was a big thing I looked forward to, but alas after a day of being comatose until the P.M I kicked my butt in gear. Just before supper my wife asked me what I wanted to eat.

"Forget supper! Ill get something later" I said.... and was out the door.

Shortly after leaving Black bear beach (Lamure bay) this "new" Island caught my eye. While this rock pile is normally 3-6 feet underwater, it's now ready for cottage development as per the rest of Allumere lake.

The sun was breaking through on occasion and whisps of fog danced and made interesting shapes in the distance. This was an attempt to catch a large arch in the fog, alas my camera didnt catch it. It is easy to see how stories of seeing the spirits here amased and frighetened the people of the past.

Usually I paddle between Pink and Louise island as there is a bit of a rapid here. Nothing too big. Alas it is now not enough water to paddle down. This worries me quite a bit of the dry summer ahead.

While I had zero plans I decided I would swing by the petawawa river to check out the water levels and mess about in the little rapid a bit. I came across mama goose and young in the video above. Great to see. I didnt want to frighten mom away from the young so I let her be and backed off.

The petawawa is flowing pretty good. I stopped for a redbull and enjoyed the fresh smell of the rapids. That smell sure does remind me of being home in Newfoundland.


Playin around.....

> video

Above: A blunder/equipment failure o share with the world!

As per I figured I would mess around in the very small rapids a bit. Little to my paddle decided to fail at the "best" moment (yet again) landing me upside down with a paddle that was essentially snapped in half. Re entered and tried to roll...half my paddle got away so I ended up swimming to retrieve my expensive half paddle and went ashore. I always post my plunders as you all know....I guess this is the reason WW kayakers use solid paddles. Oh well it was a nice cool swim anywho.


A bit of edging and general messing about to end a fine day.

I was treated with a beautiful sunset among the storm clouds that just didn't bother me by coming to fruition. Here are some shots on my way home.

In closing I leave you with a excerpt from one of the current books (out of about 30!) Im currently reading. I also challenge you all to explore the route less traveled. And if it has been travelled; follow the history. Expand your kayaking experience. I hope you enjoyed this post.
"Chevalier de Troyes, Leader of a hundred me headed for Hudson bay to capture the English fur trading posts there, sent the captain of the guides ashore in response to the signal. The Indians gave some meat to the captain, who lost contact with the expedition in the fading light after sunset. Chevalier de troyes, who probably camped among the trees back from the edge of the beach at Lamure bay so well known today to the residents of camp Petawawa, ordered the sentinel to fire some rounds to guide the captain."
(pg 193, The upper Ottawa valley, a glimpse of history. Clyde C. Kennedy)
Below: Lamure bay camp (IMHO)

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