Friday, May 28, 2010

3 wrecks in my backyard!

Todays map: here

What a chimerical week that was. Possibly the worst work week in history, but alas here we are FRIDAY!! So after a quick pile of "healthy" nachos I was out the door to finally get around to tracking down that ship I had mentioned finding out about in my last post. As well during my problems trying to find out where Christy Island was I ended up downloading Navionics Lake maps for my Ipod...which showed another wreck besides the other two! HOW HAVE I MISSED THESE??!!??

I launched from Petawawa point heading down river to the closest wreck according to the Navionics map. I had passed this area quite a bit before and never noticed anything.

From a distance it looks like some fallen trees but there she is! The water level being so low I can understand why I couldn't see it from a distance before. Very Alligator looking to me in shape....or maybe a small barge. Ill be looking into this one as well.

Doesnt appear to have any iron plates etc.

Baby Geese.

After another short paddle I was over to what I believe is a Russel Tug, or some sort of tug boat.

The water is so low I got to see that this thing was actually put up on logstand. I also got a better look at her wood construction. Note the bracket on the front.

There were also large iron plates sitting in the water next to her about an inch thick. It appeared to be a large square with a circle cut out of it. I ASSUME it was to prevent the steam stack from sending out flankers and catching the boat afire.

Soon enough thunder and lightning kicked in and sent most motor boats to the marina....I rolled the dice and decided to stay out.

Above: Mallards near Christy island.

Above: Beaver at Christie island.

The storm was short but intense. The rain continued on all evening....combined with the darkness,low water levels...I left about a lb of gel coat on semi submerged rocks.

The storm broke in places and provided quite the spectacular sunset as I paddled looking for the well preserved wreck I was told about by the cabin owners.

After a good hour of paddling around all the small islands in this chain I lucked out and stumbled upon it. At first I thought it was a dock, but upon further investigation I discovered it was a old barge! Cool!

Above: rear side of barge.

It is made of wood and steel and is angled on both ends.

The area is littered with old iron pieces. Including this piece that was used for joining log cribs, which is a more corroded version of the one I found last month in Quebec.

More chain and cable cover the island in relics of the past.

Not only is this a cool historic spot its a great campsite as well.

Above: Shot from the campsite above.

Being barefoot is my new addiction. I run 16km a day barefoot....I only wear shoes where it's required by law! Give it a try after your next bad day at keeps your mind always in the present...never dewlling on the past or the fuure too much. Always watching the next step, feeling the pain of a rock, or cold mud between your toes. Feeling your toes grip around a rock to balance is a new experience as well. Basics we humans have forgot.

The barge musta been winch driven as well. This old winch drum has seen better days....but it tells the story thankfully today!

Above: Drum and cable.

Above: Anchor point into the rock of the island.

I noticed the previous tug had bricks used as ballast inside ( or maybe to prevent the engine from burning the wood below it?) however this brick had a company name on it...I figured it may aid me in dating this stuff....who knows! (I'm like a Hardy boy book...island of the lost barge)

The campsite above has a newly built outhouse, so assume someone owns the island.

At the western side of the island is two communication poles it appears. They still have small guage wire attached. I have no idea what this is for.

Above: base of "telephone pole". Homemade job.

The other "comms" pole.

As I was hauling away I noticed this old shack in the woods, I didnt have time to have a look around it, however theres always tomorrow.

Sorry for the lacking post....however I'm tired and heading to bed....just wanted to share today with ya'll before I crash.
Hope you enjoyed.


  1. i linked to this from

    i also love doing the barefoot thing while out tripping & have even done some pretty sketchy portages shoeless.

    in the city i stick to the general no shoes no service policy.

  2. cheers Anon
    I've become a huge fan of the barefoot ideal...I usually keep my sandals in the car for going into shops etc. Im not sure if im ready for portages yet!

    Thanks for commenting!