Monday, March 29, 2010

Paddle in water = happiness!

I was awoke this morning by these following words " Daddy there is snow all over our town again!" from my 4 year old. Lovely I thought. However the light blanket of snow was all but gone by noon as the sun warmed the soil....and my heart a little.

After a solid no paddling for 3 months I finally got my paddle wet today; for a short jaunt along the shores of Petawawa.

The geese have made their return trip. I couldn't help but think back to a earlier simpler time, when after a long cold winter mother nature would provide this bountiful food source to the Algonquin people of the area. For me spring is finally here when the sounds of geese are present....and not the roar of summers motorboats.

I missed the simple things over the past few months. Even the beads of water on my spray skirt caught my attention. Kayaking also slows my mind down in a way where my thought process runs at a slower more meaningful pace. Where even a drop of water is a thing of beauty.

I couldn't ask for a better afternoon, no wind and about 10 degrees . I kept reflecting on how just 3 days ago I was in New Brunswick very cold and wet on my Recce patrol commanders course. And how time is one of the many things in life that I just cannot grasp sometimes. How one small paddle can feel like a relaxing week and how 3 weeks of my course could feel like a lost second in time.

I decided to stop at a delta island at the mouth of the Petawawa river. I had originally planned on paddling through the birch stand; as usually it is submerged during the spring. However the water levels are very low right now. I'm hoping there is a dam holding a lot of water, if the water levels are truly this low it may be a bad summer for fire. However the solid ground made for a nice walk instead.

As I was walking around the island I began thinking of how small of a world we live in. Heck as I finish this post it will be read by people halfway across the world in seconds. And how simple life really is. Eat sleep drink. Yet we as humans need to connect to others. I had have thoughts of abandoning this blog, yet its the thought of connecting to other kayakers with a nexus between aberrations of this world we live in that makes me continue.

However man also in general don't appreciate this beautiful rock we live on. This bait box from a careless fisherman decorated the dead fall. Just a reminder to myself to start bringing my garbage bags as I paddle.

As I finished up my walk Mr. Beaver came home and quickly slapped his tail when he got sight of me.

Causing the sound of danger to travel across the river driving geese to flight. Today I was the intruder. I was the danger. However perception of their wild instincts could be further from the truth....heck I was too busy thinking, daydreaming....not to mention I had a wonderful stir fry for supper and not a bit hungry!

After a hour or so of quiet meditation and relaxing my limbic system I was ready to paddle back. Could this 2km paddle qualify as a start to the paddle season? Was it much of a paddle?

I came back relaxed and had a view like this. I felt the water rush past my Greenland paddle I carved with my own two hands.

At 7h00 I pulled in relaxed happy and enjoying the jump out of winters darkness.

What a beautiful paddle.


  1. Thanks for sharing your paddle - your part of the world is so different to ours!

  2. Thanks steve good to be back.

    Cheers Mac! Love watching your Orcadian adventures!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. You really captured the magic of the first paddle of the season.

    1. Thanks PV! It was nice to get this comment as I got to come back here and experience it all again!