Sunday, February 21, 2010

Death and tax's

About the only two certain things in life. And God knows after that work week I'm never in the know of what to expect next! Wow's work.

Anyway I got my administration to remove extra tax's this year, combined with having a few tax free months due to doing the governments bidding outside the country; I got a great little tax return.

So the money is in and the dry suit will be ordered here shortly! If I will ever get time to use it...we shall see.

Problem being I barely have time to sleep since I got back to work it seems. Good news being I may be sent back to New Brunswick this summer!! And I promise I will NEVER come back to Ontario again. Fingers crossed...please wish me luck, throw me in your religious rituals (not anything too crazy..I really don't wanna wake up on a alter somewhere.)

I finally got around to watching Paddle to Seattle last night with my wife. What a well done, excellent movie. I like the fact that these guys were novice paddlers, down to earth guys, and had a good laugh at it. Without spoiling it for yah here's the trailer. It is really worth watching.

Oh and yes folks; I am now among the elite as I am now a sponsored paddler. What does that really mean? Well for starters I can sit around the fire having a drink with the guys, and use phrases like "well my sponsors" " back before I was sponsored" and be a bit of a douche etc lol.

Sponsorship is something that I think paddling companies are bombarded with. Some companies took the time to write me back and say that they just couldn't, but enjoyed my letter. Some larger companies send the generic "Thank you for interest in our company" replies. I gotta say that bummed me out a little. However one letter from a larger company was....quite weird. Maybe it was a humour I didn't quite get...I dunno.

However I got through the "Support my expedition" filter with a bit of humour, and quickly responded to the smaller shops who wrote back telling me just how small their company actually is! Lot's of mom and pop businesses out there. I was just glad they got a laugh out of it. And really didn't want them to feel bad about not supporting the paddle to retirement expedition.

What else did it teach me? Put your money into the good companies. I have done sort of a market research to see what companies actually have a sense of humour. I will be supporting those for sure.

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