Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Barron Canyon APP simple TR.

Hey all! Just a simple upload for this trip.The google map will show the area,in case you have never been or heard of the place. I think I will end up sticking with this type of TR as the google map doesn't make the pic's big enough to view well.I think this interactive map and uploaded pic's will be sufficient to help aid in planning.

Here's the trip report

View Barron Canyon APP in a larger map

After a short drive we were at the park gates.The shack is now abandoned for the season and works on the honour system if you pay or not.The area to deposit money is now directly on the front of the building.Not where the sign says it is.there is a small envelope box below to put it in.I had a bit of a chuckle when I noticed three envelopes still sticking out of the box.I pulled them out...just to see if I could.Deposited the others back in properly and threw 13 bucks in myself.I thought of it could have been a way for people to go into the park with a "valid" ticket then pick up their money when they leave.Either way I'm wayyyyyyy too honest.Coulda made money going to APP if I wasn't though I guess.

Anyway got to our launch site of squirrel rapids.Loaded up my short fat rec kayak (12 foot riot sprint) with all my gear and headed off.

The water was very flat calm.I had almost decided not to go again today as I was waiting for sun.God how I miss the sun.Anyway off I paddle,and notice I am still freaked out by the sound of the rudder in the water.So use to the skeg on my Whiskey 16!

Soon enough I reached squirrel rapids, about 2km up.Beautiful little spot with the portage running along side the rapids pretty well most of the way.This portion of the river had the same feel and look as the lower barron canyon to me.

The portage is marked.Just in case someone forgets to look at a map before they go,has no common sense,of direction.I would love to say these are not needed...but hey we've all been to Ontario haven't we?The center for stupid rules that effect every Canadian.Anyway back on topic before my head explodes.
The portage is very rocky but very clear.No bush bashing and excellent beaten trail.HOWEVER.
Portaging a 12ft kayak full of kit was a bit of a pain.However once I got it positioned on my shoulder I was good to go.Placing a bathtub size kayak on your head and being 5 foot 7 doesn't work.Trust me.
The portage was done quickly and I was getting excited to paddle under the huge cliffs in the upper barron.I have not been up this way due to this 420M portage.I broke my leg and messed up tendons BAD,and doing something like this even 2 months ago was out of the question.
Good news!It's finally healing up after 2 years!

Finally at the other side I noticed a change in scenery.Ton's of leftover log's from a era gone by still stuck there,as well it became marshy and low lying land.Seen many ducks,loon's and a golden eagle along this stretch.I was expecting to see a moose due to the type of area,but no luck today.

The camp site's along this area are pretty nice,however the noise of CFB petawawa is very loud.Artillery firing today reverberated up the valley.I mentioned this in my lower barron canyon TR,and really first chute is only a couple KM downstream.I also had a fly over from a military helicopter along this stretch.

Camping here in the summer may be a bit much with the bug's as well.However if your into bird watching or some masochistic who enjoys bug bite's...well it might be heaven.
Here's the best camp on the right.Be nice at sunset for sure.Again the noise from the base and having to pay for the site sways me away from ever camping here.However this spot here is the best camping along this stretch.If you require a grid drop me a line.

I was immediately impressed with the rise of the canyon walls.Honestly there was many time's I just stopped and floated looking around.It was surreal.Not a person to be seen,not a ripple on the water.Here are some shot's from inside the canyon.


Here's a pic of the ledge above everyone stands on to get the hero shot done on the walking trail.
Which way is up?Kinda cool I thought.I have never seen water this glassy before.Not a ripple.

I intentionally made the ripple in the pic above.Cool reflection of a birch above me on the cliff.
Thought it looked odd.
Little island in the canyon.Nice spot to stop and boil the tea kettle.

After reaching the end of the canyon walls I realized I was gonna be late to meet up with my wife,so off I headed.I didn't make it up to Brigham chute,which will have to be a later project.

On the way home I saw something really was blueish and kept changing shape.I have not seen anything like it.It's almost as if the sky had somehow turned blue in one little area.However we all know the sky is gray.....creepy.

Few geese flying around.

This is the landing prior to the portage.Again it's clearly marked on this side as well.All the rocks slightly submerged are also labeled with about 3000 dollars worth of gelcoat.There are many rocks here and submerged log's,so seriously keep a eye out.

The second portage back over the same ground went smooth.The air is so fresh here with all the tree's and the running water from the small chute and rapids.A smell I can only describe as fresh,and new.

Wife was waiting....realized my watch was 1 hour behind... Iwas not 10 minutes early I was in fact 50 minutes late.Thank you again wife!

On our way out we saw the tame fox at the gate of the park.The wife slowed down and of course like a dog he began to run up to the door of the truck.I have seen trucks feeding him every time I come in.I have even seen a guy and his wife hand feeding this fox.

Not cool.The poor thing is gonna get ran over,or bite someone and get shot.Don't domesticate wild animals!Kill them ,eat them,wear them just don't be a cruel ass and feed the poor things.

Overall the trip was a 3/5 Excellent scenery,no people this time of year.the only reason this isnt a 4.5 is the noise from live firing at the base.It was very loud.If maybe it was a day without the noise I would have rated higher for sure.Still a nice afternoon trip.I left at 13h30 and was picked up at 1830.A very relaxed pace and stopping every 100m or so.

Give it a go!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Greenland paddle finished. 6 hours work,60 dollars.

So 3 days ago I got it into my head that I would build a Greenland paddle.There are ton's of beautiful paddles on the market from some very talented people,however I wanted to see if I could do it myself.So off aboard the SUV kayak still mounted...just incase the sun ever shines here in Ontario;and down to Home Hardware.I had read a PDF on qajaq USA website written by Chuck Holst and it seemed like something I could handle.

I owned no wood working tools 3 days ago so I picked up a block plane,a combo square,measuring tape,clamp,and saw and a piece of 2x4 pine.All came in at 48 dollars.Not too bad.I decided on the cheap pine due to it being a soft wood to learn on,and if I destroyed it...well it was only pine.

Now when I left off last time I had the basic shape cut out.that by far was the worst part from my experience.Due to using a handsaw it was not pretty.Gouges still remain in the handle as anymore sanding or planeing would have cut through the loom too much.And of course the bad cut was right on the shoulder.Oh and learn!

Otherwise the drawling of the guide lines was a bit of fun.I however did wait till my son was asleep as this took a bit of attention..and ...well he's 3.

I had planned to only draw on the lines and get to it in the morning.However I got the bug and headed to the basement.

My table is a old table bottom...not really professional.Either was adding in a white step stool I have my "wood working shop",my tools organized in my tool box.Commonly referred to by others as "the basement stairs" I.E "why is there a saw on the bottom stair...I'm missing an appendage cause I stepped on a ...".Married life.

Now having said that I have heard nothing but positive feedback from my wife on this project.Having seen my attempts at model tanks (seemed like a fun hobby....)and putting together of IKEA furniture...I think she was amazed I hadn't come up stairs with it broken in half,a yell and the sound of pine breaking over a knee,or half a paddle carved in our basement for the next 6 years.

(note we bought another TV stand..however this stood as a shrine of my inability to do anything related to wood in our basement)

The planeing was a lot of fun I really enjoyed it.I also used the block plane to create the rounded edges...which I had almost forgot.Worked really well. I decided I would then go get my sandpaper and block as well as the tung oil.Having the rough shape done within a hour I decided to call it a night and would finish up the next day.

So yesterday I finished sanding with 120grain by hand and applied the tung oil.DONE!

I am really happy with my paddle.Being pine it is going to be used as a wall mounted ornament in my kayak shrine in the basement.Adding to the Feng shui of my basement and acting as a marker of improvement for paddles to come.

While I can understand the want to go out and just buy a paddle,I had a really good time building this one.The cost a mere 65 dollars,most of that being buying all new tools and a overabundance of tung oil and sandpaper.

Being still in my 20's allows me a good many years to improve this skill,improve my equipment,improve a fading skill.

Now time to pray to (insert deity)for sunshine!I gotta get into Barron canyon before the season ends for some nice relaxing solo paddling.Today was such a beautiful day,however was full of pumpkin picking with the kiddies.However once the lone kayak on the suv enters the basement with the other two kayaks...back at the greenland paddles.

(note:In this picture above you can see a photo on the wall of my great grandfather who was a schooner builder.)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Indian river Pembroke Ontario(Rightclick view image to see pics enlarged)

View Indian river in a larger map

Type:Slow moving flat water river
Time req:4hrs
Camping:Very poor.Built up urban farmland.barbed wire everywhere
Landings:very poor.muddy banks that are steep due to erosion
rating: 1/5..after 3 portages in a kayak through testicle deep mud....barbedwire..
Notes:just don't do this trip.I took it on advice from a paddling brochure.While it may be better in a canoe to lift over it is a pain to try and do in a kayak.However there are some nice sections of the river,the amount of signage,GARBAGE,on top of the portages makes this the worst kayak trip I have ever went on.Pulled out earlier than I wished as I had planned to head right to the ottawa and get picked up at the Marina.Pulled out onto Doran road due to the shallow river.As it would have tore my kayak up.On my last blog I had comments from another paddler here in Pembroke who felt the same way about that blasted river..hopefully she comes here to weigh in.

Slow day

Didnt get much done on the paddle today.Done some freehand drawling and then decided to start planing.I'm happy with the results thus far.Still have to touch up a few places.Mostly the Loom as I was using a aggressive handsaw blade to cut it out.Live and learn I guess.A lot of sanding left and then tung oil and mount it in my kitchen.

Here's some pic's for those who care!

To add:I have received a few request as to how the trip reports are laid out.I have taken all into consideration.I have a few things in the works that I will be testing.One will be a zoomable interactive map.I am still trying a few different ways.However carving a paddle,kayaking and general life has been getting in the way of actually updating the blog...stay tuned!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Starting into greenland paddles

Something I have been thinking of trying lately.And finally today i headed out and picked up a few handtools.I refuse to use any powertools.
-block plane
-combo square
-sandpaper and block

While not finished yet I figured I'd blog about it.Only spent about 3 hours total on it and it's beginning to look like a paddle.Just as a note I have ZERO previous woodworking skills.I usually mess up IKEA furniture.However I decided I would buy a cheap piece of pine to practice on.Later next week I'll pick up some nice wood and make a actual "for use" paddle.I plan on doing a few strokes with the pine,however I think I will put it up in the living room as a decoration.

I also realized I NEED a pull knife.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Muskrat river,Mud lake loop (Interactive map)

blocked off by farmers
take out
Farm bridge
hennesy creek
hennesy creek
gonna stop?
friendly muskrat
deeperriver more ducks
I have been baited!!
50-60 ducks
veg grown in
enter mudlake
Heron eating fish
beaver dam
muskrat dams?
free camping
launch 417

Type:Slow moving flat water river,marshy pond.
Time req:2.5hrs
Camping:poor.Good spot at beginning of trip along riverside.
Landings:poor.muddy banks.
rating: 3/5 after mud lake becomes urbanized.
Notes:lots of wildlife.Muskrats beavers ducks,herons,eagles.Worthy a day paddle.very marshy could be bad in the summer months.No way your gonna roll in mudlake water is only about 2 feet deep.River gets deeper past mud lake.hennesy creek is worth the little two minute paddle.Quite scenic.landing at 417 is difficult due to fences.Free parking at launch site.I will be exploring further down this river towards muskrat lake and from the 417 down into pembroke.This river once provided electricity to pembroke.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Someone I didnt expect to meet in my backyard!

Took another fellow Newfoundlander into the Barron Canyon today and who comes running outta the woods?Justine Curgenven!the maker of "this is the sea" films and awesome kayaker.Needless to say I was awestruck!She is doing a film on canoeing with famous canoe author David Callen who was also up there!

Not everyday you meet a great in your sport!Awesome day.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ottawa river:Oiseaux rock-AECL-Indian point-deep river-presquislebig&small-fraser landing

mergansers aecl
deer jumping
deer checkin me out
Lamure beach
lamure leaving
Indian point
Red indian eco reserve river
small presquisle
Image Map
One link Broken:view from mountmartin!
Toadd as well.Picture labeled Mergansers...are Loon's.labeled without looking!

Type:Overview of river.
Time req:N/A
Camping:Everywhere along Quebec shore and scatter spots on On side.
Landings:90% sandy
rating: 3/5 large amounts of motor boats.Ontario side built up areas.
Notes:Lot's of places worth checking out for camping.Also I have no pictures however the river (shyan?) is worth checking out just downstream from mount martin.mount martin is a decent hike.try Oiseaux rock.If you have difficulty there avoid mount martin.There are tons of areas set up with picnic tables.Infact I hardly seen a place without them.Excellent camping along this stretch for any type of tripper.Indian point had outhouses as well Frasers landing.Only downfall is the amount of motor boats coming from pembroke,petawawa,deep river marinas.and from further down by boat transpo around the white water.However early in the year (may) this is a wonderful spot.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 5 Georgian bay Lenice Island-Franklin Island -Dillon Marina-White Squall

White Squall
Windy night
Image Map
Pics are missing on this map.It was a error and cannot be fixed.Apologize.

Type:day 5 of trip
Time req:3hrs
Distance:15km ish
Camping:My Bed at home
rating: 0/5 going home
Notes:That night got very windy had to wake up and move tent around and secure.take the time before bed to use a few rocks to tie yourself down.Back into cottage country then back into civilization.Stop by White Squall and take a look around very friendly staff.I dont ever publicize business but there guys were very nice people...not to mention they owned a kayak store.

Day 4 Georgian bay Big Mccoy-Minks islands-Red Rock-Franklin Island-Lenice island (Interactive map)

bug in my tent set free
Red rock lighthouse

inside minks


Image Map
Pics are missing on this map.It was a error and cannot be fixed.Apologize.

Type:day four of trip
Time req:6hrs
Distance:25km ish
rating: 3/5 Minks amazing but had cottages,redrock covered in motorboats,larg amount of campers on franklin and surrounding area.

Notes:The minks were excellent.Take the time to explore around.use your edging skills to get through tight little gaps between islands.had a lot of fun.Wind kicked up and we had a blast playing in the surf on the outside of the minks.Open water crossing from minks to red rock light house to lenice island.beware of very large boat in the area.As well as yachts from the cottages.Camp at Lenice island was nice.We stayed on the rocky shore facing west.On the north tip of the island is a prepared site with table and good spots for tents,however no real good landing near.there is also someones animal grave in between the west coast and the site in the north.Someone took the time to build a rock bridge across a small 2 foot crack.Kinda cool as it drops about 10 feet below.Beautiful scenery however not so private.the whole area was packed.We had planned on a camp on franklin howeverthe island was packed.

Day 3 Georgian bay Wade island-BigMccoy-Limestone islands-langridge island-BigMccoy (interactive map)

island hopping
No camping langridge isl
Limestone island
coastguard boat limestone in distance
Lunch stop2
Sun setting
One of many stone tables
eastern campsite indian meeting place
Nice smooth landing
moon rise as soon as the sun set
Foggy open water crossing
Image Map

Type:day three of trip
Time req:
Distance:20km ish
Camping:Three good sites on south side of Big mccoy.We stayed on the western site.
rating: 5/5 Excellent day.
Notes:Crossing to BigMccoy was very foggy.Keep in mind the channel for large boats is just below the Mink islands as well as crossing between the Mccoy's and Limestone.Larges waves we saw were from a coast guard ship that crossed our path.No camping on Limestones.Open water crossing.Two thunder boxes on Sothern Mccoy.GLSKA did not receive government funding to employ Island custodian this season.All main is done by volunteers to the sites.Kudo's to the Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Association. and others involved.

Day 2:Georgian bay Stoll island-Metamora wreck-around shawanaga-Pointe au baril lighthouse-Wade island (Interactive map)

inside lighthouse
Image Map
Type:day two of trip
Time req:6hrs
Camping:Good site at Wade island.Moderate landing/carry up.Camping good on cardinal island as well.
Landings:bad going through middle channel as it's a small city.
rating: 3/5 (get's 3/5 due to the visit to the lighthouse,shipwreck,outside open crossing loses two points just for the fact of the amount of cottages in the middle channel)
Notes:STAY AWAY FROM MIDDLE CHANEL FROM WRECK TO LIGHTHOUSE!It was bad.I hate tripping around built up area's and this is a large town of rich people with cottages on everything big enough to be an island.Visited the Metamora wreck worth checking out for sure.The spot we stopped for lunch along the shoals was awesome.Excellent place to go snorkeling goes from 2 inches of water to 40 ft quickly.Point au baril light house was awesome.Friendly staff,and good people.Bring a bit of cash to donate and buy books ,hats, souvenirs .Landing at Point au baril is deep and you can really only land at the dock.Checking out the rum barrel denoting safe passage was pretty cool.Outside on on the open lake was nice.Some decent swell.Wade island nice camping spot.As per anywhere out here hang dry bags in tree's and keep all food out of tent.Visited by a bear this night.Be comfortable in landing on rough rock or losing gelcoat.

Day 1 Dillion marina-Stoll Island camp Georgian bay (Interactive map)

View of camp at stoll Island
View nort from camp at stoll island
random island along chain
Dillon marina
Image Map

Type:day one of trip
Time req:3hrs
Camping:Good site at stoll Island
Landings:Poor,Lots of private land.
rating: 3/5 (due to amount of cottages on first leg of journey)
Notes:Launch from dillon marina.Cost to park 5 dollars per day.Stoll island was a site we picked due to another paddler having been at that one previous.there are a few more in the same general area.First sighting of black bear paddling into stoll.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Petawawa area touring kayaking.Isle de allumere,chenal du la chubute,rocher oiseaux,baptisim point. (Interactive map)

Baptisim Point
view below
view on top
lake on top
do not enter
islands at the point
open crossing
Video of rain
Image Map
Trippers:Myself,many other people
Type:day trip's,overnight trips
Time req:dependant
Camping:Oiseaux rock excellent camping in off boat season,chenal du la chebut,islands throughout the area.
Landings:Excellent.mostly sandy beaches.islands rock but simple landings
rating: 3/5
Notes:this is a nice place on the river.However has two Marinas within 20km which makes for a busy area in the main chanel during the warmer months.However sticking to the Quebec side gets out out of the realm of motor boats for the most part.I had a hard time deciding on how to do the Ottawa river,as I have made a billion day trips around this area.I thus put up the highlights of this stretch.Baptisim point-Pointe au Baptême, a sandy point located on the property of the Atomic Energy of Canada site at Chalk River, was a traditional stopping point for fur brigades and the "baptism" site for novice crew members.there doesnt seem to be any signs keeping you off the point itself,however the woods behind is a no go.As well prior to the AECL land is DND land which is also off limits.Rocher Oiseaux rock a Algonquin Pictograph site and sacred ground.Free parking and put in's at Petawawa point as well Black bear beach.The whole area is golden sand.ANY questions please leave a comment below.

Monday, October 12, 2009

part 2 thoroughfare,roundharbour,tray town,irelands eye,iceburg(multiple pics of someareas.move cursor around)

View of anthoneys island
Roundharbour 1
round harbour2
Irelands eye2
Indian islands
Image Map

Trippers:Myself,Greg P,Rob P
Type:3 day trip sound,open ocean.Up to large seas.Swell in Open bay.
Time req:3 nights 4 days
Camping:day 1 thoroughfare,day 2 irelands eye,day 3 warwick HR.
Landings:Good.However high cliffs in most places.landings every couple km.
rating: 5/5
Notes:The thoroughfare is the best campsite there is period.There is a small spring at the back.water in this whole area is limited.Biggest source of water small marsh at Ireland's eye.river runs into the bay of Irelands eye.Warick Hr has a large spring as well.Hickmans HR is a fresh salt water pond.Water not the best (salty).
Round Hr is good for camping however no water.Evidence of spring run off however dry during july.Whales everywhere.Humpback and minke.Sea otters as well.Beware of open ocean of trinity bay.Can kick up really quick.Swell is normal.A very relaxing 3trip for 3 days 4 nights.Could be done in 2 days 2 nights.Beware the sound is a wind tunnel during certain winds.Large waves kick up really quick as it did on our last day.

Overall best place I have ever paddled.
Here is a link to pictures of Irelands eye in its day.

Part 1 Lowerlance cove,warvick harbour and waterfalls Random Island Newfoundland

Lower Lance Cove
Warwick harbour
Image Map
Trip report on part 2

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Corry Lake Ontario Interactive map (click here for activated map)

lake view
Stealth camp
Beaver dam
Image Map

Type:Day trip flat water lake
Time req:3.5 hours
Camping:High cliff's along North side of lake.Possible camping if creative.
rating: 4/5
Notes:South bank is the Petawawa research forest.Camping is prohibited.North shore is high cliff's however some opportunity for camping.The river leading into Corry lake is slow moving through marshland.You will pass a farm at the bridge,which is where I turned back.No cell reception past the point "cliff" above.Free launch and parking at te petawawa research forest.Sandy grassy launch.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Black bay-First Chute lower barron canyon Ontario interactive map TR (click here to activate map)

Image Map
Type:Day trip flat water
Time req:4 hours
Camping:At point,along south side of first chute
rating: 3/5 (noise of aircraft and firing some days)
Notes:Avoid northern bank CFB Petawawa.signs present.Past first chute is Squirrel rapids Algonquin Provincial park,permits needed.

Hopeall to Islington Trinity bay Newfoundland Interactive map.(click here to activate map)

Mapped @ Image Mapper
Trippers:Myself Rob P
Type:Day trip(open water)
Time req:5 hours relaxed
Camping:Good spots at Georges cove and at Crockers cove.
Landings:good in Hopeall/Greens harbour.From greens hr down high cliff's min landing

Sunday, October 4, 2009


My trip report and Video's.All Videos are linked as purple text on this page.

After leaving late yet again we headed off to the