Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rivers of the Upper Ottawa Valley. Hap Wilson

I'm not much of a follower. Never really have been. Therefore I tend not to idol worship many local canoeist/kayakers here in Canada at all. Heck I called Kevin Callan "David", which he didn't seem to appreciate. Guess he's a household name here in Ontario...whoops. Sorry Kevin.

I actually have one of his book's on Algonquin park, but honestly I really didn't pay heed. It was a guide book and I was more interested in what was inside.(I'm leading into something here...I promise!)

I picked up a book today which was unreal. I have rediscovered our local library over the past couple weeks, and stumbled on Rivers of the upper Ottawa valley (myths,magic and adventure.)

The title says it all basically. This is a comprehensive,detailed,cornucopia of awesomeness. Everything from maps of what Algonquin tribe lived where (and a bit about each) to legends,to safety, oh and it's a guide book as well!

I can't sing enough praise of this book. And while I didnt know much about Hap Wilson about 12 hours ago; I took the time to "google him" (that don't fucking sound right does it?) Interesting man with a excellent way with words.

Having signed it out from my library I do plan on buying a copy just to keep as a reference. For not only river related information; but the history,myths and legends which will now enrich my travels along the river. Did you know Chalk river is devils land? I will say no more! Now besides bears at night I have about 10 good stories to ensure every rabbit breaking a twig incites thoughts of demons as well!

If you ever lived in,paddled on,thought of going to the upper Ottawa river and her beautiful rivers which flow over beautiful country to be assimilated into her; this is the book for you. I wish I had found this earlier this year. It's the kind of book which get's you excited about a area, and honestly has given me so much information about things I never knew existed in my own backyard.

The book cover above is of a old copy published by the CRCA (Canadian Recreational Canoeing association), the new publication is much different with pictures instead of Hap's art on the cover.(Point I forgot all the illustrations and Art work are done by the author as well.very very nice work)

I'll be keeping an eye out for other books written by Mr Wilson. It was truly a inspiration to read during the freeze up.

Other than that I found a nice strait piece of pine deadfall tonight out snowshoeing!(WOW eh?)I have been trying to find nice downfall to supplement my purchase of wood. I know how "chic" environmentalist of me eh? Not really. And besides if I said It was someone would complain that I was removing forest biomass and killing the forest anyway. And besides I hate being a follower...I do my own thing thanks!

Being dark kinda early now I got minimal looks snowshoeing through suburbia with a 9 foot log on my back.... although they are probably getting use to the stuff I do.

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