Monday, December 14, 2009

Don't forget to crosstrain!

Everyone gets down in the dumps over the winter season it seems. While I await the return of my favorite element to a liquid state... I'm snowshoeing.

Keep that 10 lb's from Christmas off and have a lighter kayak come the spring. If you can't get into a outdoor activity in the winter...think wetted surface of the kayak!

Not to mention those light weight packing websites always talk about dropping 30 grams off your toothbrush, yet NEVER mention dropping 10 lbs off your ass!

I still have a ton of trips, paddle making stuff and reviews to post here to do me the whole winter, so stay tuned.

And go outside! It's cross training for the spring! (not to mention the new cool backpack, snow shoes, and mukluks ran me under 60 bucks!)

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