Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did he just call people retardees?

Sometimes book's date themselves. When I was in Slovenia a few years back my mother who owns a atlas from the early 80's couldn't find where I was. I then explained to her that Yugoslavia had fell due to civil war...anyway I stumbled upon a similar gem last night.

How to build a kayak by Donald R Brann. My dad had picked it up in Brampton Ontario back in the late 70's, as a project he was interested in. However he never did end up building it. So he figured I would be interested and put it in our Christmas parcel that just arrived.

So as I was thumbing through the first few pages the above quote caught my eye. "Teachers should allow students to work with templates. This is especially helpful in teaching retardees and those with reading deficiencies."

"Those willing and able to work alone, enjoy doing so, no longer require recognition and acceptance from peer's pushing pot."
How many kids were forced into the garage with this book?
" But dad I don't like kayaks...." "Are you on the Pot son? get crackin on that planeing!"

Funny thing was this was also a book I picked up at the library a few days ago. The book has full fold out templates for every part of the kayak. I figure a modification of the cockpit, this would make a excellent light portage kayak for Algonquin park.It gives you options of building a 14'3" 16' 9" and 18' kayaks from the plans and templates included.

Retardee's, now lame brains. This book kill's me lol. I love it. Back when you didn't have to get a lawyer to sign off on the political correctness of everything written.

Once you stop chuckling at a simpler time in history, and try and get the thought of Gran Torino's Walt Kowalski (Clint eastwood) explaining how to build a kayak ; it's a excellent resource. Not to mention from a awesome woodworker. Not only does Mr Brann do kayaks he has written on a multitude of wood working projects. The kind of guy anyone with desire to woodwork would love to have as a buddy who lives down the street.

And again once you look past the few cultural/anti-P.C phrases Mr.Brann speaks the truth. I wish I was kicked into the garage with this project. This sure would have changed my life for the better as a preteen. Heck I would have started kayaking at a way younger age...in a boat I built myself!

The confidence that could bring to a teenage would be awesome.

However I'm not sure if you could actually allow a child in Ontario to use a tool nowadays; without having child services after you. I'm awaiting for chair helmets for children here. You know just in case children fall while eating supper or watching tv.

Lucky for my kids they will be 13 and 10 by the time I retire back to my homeland. Where as a child we jumped icepans, carried firearms as 12 yr olds, and mothers packed all our kids lunches and kicked us out the door only to be seen at supper. God I hate raising my kids here.

Right now I think I am going to build the 14 footer just to get practice in building one. I have Chris Cunninghams book on Greenland building as well. However this one seems very simple and well laid out instructions for a wood working novice like myself.

I'll start on this one after Christmas, as I have even been putting off paddle making due to my wish to find woodworking tools in under the tree!

Hope all you lame brain pot smokin kayakers enjoyed the post!

This book is worth picking up. Beautiful drawings and pictures. Would make a excellent first kayak project.


  1. Did you ever build this, or another kayak?

    1. I never did build this boat however have a ton of pists here on my two SOF builds:http://www.awholebunchofings.com/2012/03/sof-redux-failures-production.html