Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Petawawa area touring kayaking.Isle de allumere,chenal du la chubute,rocher oiseaux,baptisim point. (Interactive map)

Baptisim Point
view below
view on top
lake on top
do not enter
islands at the point
open crossing
Video of rain
Image Map
Trippers:Myself,many other people
Type:day trip's,overnight trips
Time req:dependant
Camping:Oiseaux rock excellent camping in off boat season,chenal du la chebut,islands throughout the area.
Landings:Excellent.mostly sandy beaches.islands rock but simple landings
rating: 3/5
Notes:this is a nice place on the river.However has two Marinas within 20km which makes for a busy area in the main chanel during the warmer months.However sticking to the Quebec side gets out out of the realm of motor boats for the most part.I had a hard time deciding on how to do the Ottawa river,as I have made a billion day trips around this area.I thus put up the highlights of this stretch.Baptisim point-Pointe au Baptême, a sandy point located on the property of the Atomic Energy of Canada site at Chalk River, was a traditional stopping point for fur brigades and the "baptism" site for novice crew members.there doesnt seem to be any signs keeping you off the point itself,however the woods behind is a no go.As well prior to the AECL land is DND land which is also off limits.Rocher Oiseaux rock a Algonquin Pictograph site and sacred ground.Free parking and put in's at Petawawa point as well Black bear beach.The whole area is golden sand.ANY questions please leave a comment below.

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