Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Storms approach

 A windy sea; gusting whitecaps like a heard of sheep crossing a field. Large wind waves breaking on the horizon. With snow squalls and 70km/hr winds on it's way I decided to stay close to home; protection in the womb of our little harbour.

 The sea lapped at the shore with hissing breaths; white foam pushing through the kelp beds. Approaching shore the waves became steep walls; lapping over my kayak as I paddled as close to shore as one could. Bliss.

The sky began to grow dark; the winds had turned. The snowstorm the weather had predicted was approaching. Under switching and increasing winds I battled back to my cove. The temperature was dropping quick as I undressed in the boathouse. Quickly (in nothing but tight green long johns ;) I dashed inside my home. Coffee, hounddog on my feet.....

....dreaming of being out on the water.