Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Urchin

The sound of gull feathers bending on air. A boat putt's past trolling for sea trout. 30 degree summer heat in Newfoundland and I was back on the brine.  A lozenger clinked off my teeth as I moved it  around in my mouth; the lemon taste numbed my tongue and my still painful throat.

Mere sickness couldn't keep me in from the absolute beauty of the day. While my ailment was still persistent I could feel my body finally pushing the symptoms back to a tolerable level.

Among the shallows I spotted nature's beauty in a way I hadn't seen before. All the urchins here on the reef had placed some form of rock or shell atop themselves,as to not be so easily spotted by birds above. Knowing the ones in deeper water do not do this I couldn't help wonder just how much an animal like this could comprehend? The perception and thinking to know it's depth and spot the danger and camouflage is amazing coming from this spiny globular.

After 18km and a small lesson on urchin's I chilled and ate back some supper....Another day learning something new.