Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Low sun

 The one o'clock sun hanging low in the west. The beach lay shaded, frozen in place by the tidal retreat. Approaching winter's chill in the air; breath witnessed on the crisp air. The type of air that let's you feel your sinuses as you inhale through your nose. The wind had died back from the morning gale; into a calm afternoon.

 A glow of orange projected across the land from the low sun. A reminder of afternoons shortness to us outdoor enthusiast. I played in the current coming down from the pond for a little bit of ferrying. After 20 minutes of current fun over. I was off.  Onward to the uninhabited coastline.

 A few km further out and I was alone. No houses,cars or people. Just pristine nature. Reflections in tidal pools; reflections on life. I made the open crossing into trinity bay and into Hopeall harbour to add another 5km to the day.

 Inside Hopeall I was rewarded with a muted sunset hidden; latent by a fast approaching system of snow clouds. I debated on my take out as the cold of night set in. Home would be a few km's closer so I pushed off the shoreline and headed to my parents. As night fell and the stars came out the harbour took on a skim of ice. The shhhhhhh sound of the hull gliding through the gaunt layer; gliding home to rest for another day.