Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The darkside of Newfoundland's beauty

 My wife had decided that a mauzy ol day would be a perfect time to clean up the stretch of beach in front of our home. With two boys in tow they made a massive haul of human scouring's. Over the winter months it had culminated into a lamentable scene. Two children and a mom with half an hour to spare; made a posative change. Mom really had made an example for two boy's to emulate.

The following day was an ashen breezy day. Not great for kayaking or photography really. I took the inspiration of busy tiny hands and shrill voices calling out to me with pride the day before; hitting up a few of the outlying beaches to clean up. House cove took 10 minutes. Tossing what I could take out onto the beach; crushing and gathering it up to pack into my craft. 70 cents worth of recyclables and a new fishing tackle box!

The next cove much the same garbage wise. 50 cents worth of recyclables and another bag of garbage. The reward in this beautiful spot was another minkie vertebrae. Occasionally an acquaintance of mine is looking for materials for his archeology reproductions; or paddle makers/boat builders are looking for traditional materials. Life is all about sharing; and leaving the place better than we found it. This day was a fine exercise in that thinking for me.

2 bags of garbage,$1.20 in plastic bottles. A tackle box aand a whale bone. All crammed into the front hatch of my kayak. In the cockpit was the ability to go home and show my children that I care about this world; and hopefully it will be a memories they take forward with them in life.