Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hue and job descriptions

After what seems like an eternity... a beautiful blue sky. Lighting the waters with a brilliant hue. A southeast wind, warm air augmented with the fragrance of approaching rain. I took to the brine in search of some answers; (and to occasionally sing outloud without anyone hearing).

Most of my questions revolved around the removal of my "character" in life. My stripes now removed from my applets as a Sargent; something I have "been" for most of my adult life is suddenly gone. Civilian Lee sit's aside the ocean this day picking my brain in lieu of answers. Where do I go next?

I had become an actor for 15 years and didn't realize it. A job description had become my script; as to how I acted and how I developed over the years. Was I even me during those years? I sat and chilled on the beach.Thinking. A lone airplane flew overhead and I couldn't help but think of the stories and feelings inside that conical craft. Sadness, exhilaration, determination, failure. Like a small globe of human emotion passing by in the heavens. Perhaps I'm so worried about who and what I am due to the fact I haven't experienced a wide range of emotions yet on this side of the coin. Perhaps I need a new script. Perhaps I'll write one out here......