Thursday, November 20, 2014


A respite. A pause. 15 days off my beloved ocean due to wind...more wind and some wind tossed in for good measure. Not a November to go down in km's paddled history. However today after arriving home late in the afternoon from work; I took to Hopeall harbour under quickly darkening skies.

 As the sun began to set a shiver shot up my spine. The coldness of the water conducting through the kayak floor and into me. The wind nipping at my cheeks, tears freezing at the corners of my eyes. I was in bliss. It was good to be back.

 In many ways I almost needed that break. I was taking things for granted here on my ocean. Picking only the best of days to paddle; launching only from my front door (i.e becoming spoiled!!!). No more. If the wind blows east I'll find a spot to tuck in and enjoy this beautiful quiet season. Thoughts, decisions for life; crafted at sea. The morning snowfall had all but vanished; however the earth and air lay ready. Prepared. A canvas primed for the painter of approaching winter.