Friday, October 17, 2014

Johnny got his rain jacket on!

Consternation by talking heads shrouded with common sense advice to "survive the storm". I turned off the media fury over hurricane Gonzalo grabbed my drysuit and took to the brine.  A stiff southern wind gusting to 50km/hr; warm gulf air being pushed ahead of the approaching storm. Swell still pounding in from the open Atlantic mixing with the stiff southerly wind and claptois; made for an exciting open crossing around Greens hr point.

Out here there was no panicked voices. No nanny state media telling little Johnny to ensure he had his rain jacket on. Nothing but the sea breathing in.......

 .........and out.

Living in 2014 we are bombarded by media at every turn. How much is really pertinent to our life's is something we all should question. Even for a guy like myself who doesn't watch television I am still bombarded by Facebook links, the passing internet story, and the radio. All spreading panic and fear for profit. To hook in people, have them waiting with bated breath for the possible tragedy.

Bated breath? Not me. The hurricane will pass. Temporary power may be lost, some siding and shingles missing Some romantic meals cooked on a peak stove. 

Some rain, some wind then the sea will calm, and I'll be back on the ocean.