Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Iced in

 I sat on the cool beach chatting with another local photographer who wanted to take some pictures of my craft. Amiable conversation danced around topic after photography topic. After a few pictures I headed out into the bay to decide my direction for my soujourn.

My first layover was to Hopeall island's jellybean beach. I climbed up the cliff to take a few photo's when I noticed the bay was chalked full of new ice. As I bumbled around taking photos I noticed all this ice was quickly approaching the island on the incoming tide. I was being encircled.

Staying ahead of the ice I poked into Hopeall and found that the route was already half full of ice and any approach would have me bashing through ice quite a ways to make landfall. I hauled into a nice secluded beach for a coffee; visually mapping out routes around the ice packs to get back to Greens hr.

As I rounded the point to get back home I was faced with a bay full of ice that just barely crushed under the weight of my kayak. Digging my blades into the ice I slowly made my foot by foot journey home.