Saturday, April 25, 2015

6 hours

 A breath of easterly wind heaving a gentle swell from the wild north Atlantic fetch. Propelling my journey west with it's quiet push. Warmth of spring evident at the height of the day; under darkening skies I set to.sea.

 Crab boats loaded down with pots sat idle due to the ice conditions still plaguing the mouths of the bays. Ice packs which could easily sweep in and destroy a line of pot's pretty quick on a change of wind. Yet for the kayaker inside the wide expanse of trinity bay; I couldn't ask for a "larger"day.

 Icewalls still clung to cliff;a somewhat chilly April. An April that had brought record low's; still grasps onto the Avalon peninsula. Creeping upon the land under setting sun. I didn't dwell on too many beaches as I just wanted to paddle. Take in the scenery and breath in the life.

Suddenly 6 hours had passed. I hauled out my newest gadget (yes finally in 2015 I caved in...and purchased a cellphone) and called for pick up from the family support team. Under towering red cliff's; I finished my paddle a couple communities up in New harbour.