Monday, February 23, 2015


 Two long weeks ashore. Dismal weather combined with further atrocious winds has kept me deep inside the wilderness; beneath the quaver of spruce in snowy wind. Hunting;using the wild places to clear my head. Today however the winds subsided. Pulling up on a rocky slipway, I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally away; looking back on civilization of the tiny town.

I paddled slowly along the coastline.Unbroken forests. Just pristine nature to paddle through. Cobblestone beaches colourful under a grey canvas. Sea birds fleeing my approach. Flying off into the distance till they blended into the dark grey of the ocean and disappeared to the human eye.

A light snow began to fall; water near mirrored inside the protection of the headland. Refreshed from the rhythmic pattern of paddling. Sitting to partake in the silence.

  "Silence is the universal refuge, the sequel to all dull discourses and all foolish acts, a balm to our every chagrin, as welcome after satiety as after disappointment."  ~Henry David Thoreau