Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sleepy whales, old camps and the like.

 Otter's swimming under bow as I launched into a sweltering afternoon. Studying and books put aside; perhaps not the wisest choice with an exam on Wednesday; however onto the ocean I went. An afternoon of strait paddling, stopping only briefly to fuel the system up with some food and coffee.

After near 40 km's of coastline and open crossings I had arrived. A babbling brook, the light lapping of ocean on stone, a setting sun. My camp for the night. I set up my tent and bed on a soft patch of grass. My stove roaring coffee water to temperature as I walked the beach collecting fire wood.

 Coffee in hand and camp set I sat on the beach watching Minkies; as the sky and ocean turned purple.Flinching each time a whale surface close by; loud blow of brine.

 Supper of steak cooked on a rock and garlic mashed potatoes marked the coming of dark. The cracking fire the call of a loon far off on the breeze. Clouds rolled in providing a blanket of warmth as I tucked into my tiny abode.

The cool calmness of morning came quick with blackness of deep sleep. I decided to activate my spot and paddle the 8km's back into spread eagle for pick up....then I spotted it. A detour out into the bay


Sound asleep just chilling ontop of the water. The first time I've ever seen such a thing.

...a fine start to a new day