Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chinese food, Simplify and red rocks

 Recrudescence to a life on the brine. A 10 day loss of summer weather locked in front of a computer screen; chasing a unfocused decision to attend university. Finals done, I couldn't help dissect the reasoning behind my attempt to complicate my life. A relaxing sigh of relief on the red cobble stone on the eastern cove of Hopeall island.

Checking out my local haunts akin to a hounddog who slipped out a open door; and was free in the neighborhood. Sniffing. Noticing the seagull nests abandoned again for the year. The beach pushed up higher from the north east winds of the past week.

 I paddled the open crossing of 5km for a leisurely 45 minute meditation. The stroke of the paddle bridging the journey. Water boiling, supper a dehydrated Chinese dish. I climbed a cliff to look at my beach; to look at my life.

I had made things more complicated for myself; for no apparent reason. Learning about things I had zero interest in; at a pace I didn't enjoy. It had sucked the joy of learning I usually enjoy away. Kayaking had provided a life audit today.I had complicated my life as us humans sometimes do without acknowledging it as we do. I couldn't help hear the words of Thoreau.....

"Simplify, simplify, simplify."