Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Who are you?

 In some circles it may appear I'm "spinning my tires" in the game called life. From time to time I even wonder if that's the case. Days filled with cresting oceans and general beach bumming; isn't the normal 9 to 9 North American work ethic. For me my time spent over a career in the military, combined with a cheap house on the ocean keeps me afloat in this world of dollars and cents. 

Some days I have wild dreams of getting back into the work force and becoming "great" again. The glory one feels while commanding a tank in battle (my previous vocation); accomplished and powerful. These are the thoughts that pass like bubbles through my head as I paddle the coastlines. Even here I am driven; in a search of something intangible so far as I can tell. Yet the feeling of a search is there. Something undefined. I sometimes tell friends I am waiting for the universe to give me direction; and perhaps it already has in the sense of not telling me to do anything so far.

 Perhaps this uncomplicated existence without the luxury of rampant consumerism still has lessons to teach; before I'm whisked away along another path. Or maybe I need to explore further down this rabbit hole to truly get my direction in life. Perhaps this is it already; the one true path. 

 Nature for me provides a lot of questions; and is usually it's stoic quiet self when prodded for answers. A neutral medium to project the future upon and relive other days; and many times just a wave in the now. The moment.

Is our vocation "who"we are? What truly makes a person? And why do we seem to have a need to "be" someone?

Who are you?