Thursday, September 18, 2014

Orange and Blue

A deep blue day. Near windless; the nexus between me and my day. The sickness has near run it's course, leaving me still bonked for energy. More of an annoyance to the active mind than actual discomfort.

It was late afternoon before I gathered enough will to move my carcass across my lawn. The sun was low in the sky; already lacking power in our ever shortening days. I poked around landing at near every beach along the way to beach comb.

Just before reaching Cumbys side I hauled into a little unnamed cove and had a boil up. A chicken curry rice thingy that was actually really good. After my evening meal was done I decided I would paddle back towards home; catching the sunset before rounding the headland back into Greens hr and home.

Stopping near the point I sat and just watched the sunset; something I hadn't done a lot during the longer days of summer. These shorter days sure do make you appreciate the days more.

As the waves crashed the sun made it's last appearance of the day....

...and slid off into the past.